FashionStealing From Your Man’s Wardrobe
strapless bra, t shirt bra and bralette bra

How many times have you borrowed a hoodie?Once? Twice? Or the hoodie just got left behind in your wardrobe.

Is it the snug comfort from an oversized hoodie that warms your heart? There’s probably something about the fabric of the hoodie.

Hoodies are available in all sizes, but somehow, hoodies still remain ‘borrowed favourites’ of all times. 

Menswear fashion for women has been trending with women layering up their clothes, bringing the iconic pantsuits back to fashion, waistcoats over pleated trousers and loafers. 

Rihanna, Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid-they’ve all become icons of menswear fashion. And man do they carry it so well! From split-hem pants to sweater vests and pleated trousers, even jeans-women can literally fit into them all. 

Pantsuits, Plaids, Oversized shirts, Oversized blazers, Loafers, Sweaters, Jeans and layering your outfits- menswear fashion that turns us into fashionistas! And there’s still so much more.

With different menswear fashion entering the wardrobe, different styles of intimate wear also take their steps. Here’s some ‘Pair it Right’ ideas that can help you wear menswear fashion with some extra oomph!

Here are some ‘Pair it Right’ ideas that you can try!

Planning to wear an Oversized or Boxy Blazer?

Pair it with a Bralette.

The Bralette adds a modern look and feel to the Boxy Blazer, adding to the tough-love, strong and independent look.

Find a Bralette that goes with the Boxy Blazer with Zivame’s range of Bralette Bras.

Planning to wear slim fit shirts?

Pair it  with a T-Shirt Bra.

The T-Shirt Bra gives the slim fit shirts the perfect-fit look.

strapless bra, t shirt bra and bralette bra

Find a T-Shirt Bra that goes with those slim fit shirts with Zivame’s range of T-Shirt Bras.

Planning to wear a sleeveless sweater vest?

Pair it  with a Strapless Bra.

The Strapless Bra adds the ‘feeling young and free’ factor to that sleeveless sweater vest. 

strapless bra, t shirt bra and bralette bra

Find a Strapless Bra that goes with the sleeveless sweater vest with Zivame’s range of Strapless Bras.

Planning to wear a pair of straight fit trousers?

Pair it with a Low-rise, no VPL panty.

Straight fit trousers and the unseen panty-something we women don’t have to worry about! The Low-rise no VPL panty does the job perfectly!

Find a Low-rise panty for those straight fit trousers with Zivame’s range of No Panty Line Panties.

Planning to wear a Hoodie?

Pair it with a Push Up Bra.

The home feeling with the Hoodie and the Push Up Bra match perfectly for a relaxed feeling.

strapless bra, t shirt bra and bralette bra

Find a Push Up Bra for that Hoodie with Zivame’s range of Push Up Bras.

Pair apparel from men’s wear fashion with the perfect bra. Menswear fashion has set the trend for women. Boxy formal shirts, half sleeve shirts, t-shirts, slim fit trousers – you can deploy them with in clever ways that haven’t been thought of! You can also experiment with loose tailored pantsuits, layering your clothes with jackets and coats or even colour blocking your clothes. Whichever apparel you wear, find a bra that fits the outfit – whether it’s a full coverage t-shirt bra, women’s high-waisted panties or strapless bras.

While you’re deciding what to wear, take a look at Zivame’s range of Bras.

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