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Night suits. Books. Music. Netflix. 

What kind of a night person are you? 

Do you sleep at 9 pm every day? Or do you work a night shift and come home to your bed at 7 am?

Maybe you’re one of those people who enjoys listening to music at night. Maybe you’re the night cook. You could be reading ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ with a cup of lemon tea. But who are you, at night? 

The Night Reader

Pyjama Sets

You’ve got a whole series of books to finish. Curiosity is killing you. Will the protagonist make it alive, or will his arch-nemesis kill him? 

Reading books in the calm of the night, with peace, quiet and an aromatherapy candle- that’s who you are! In the comfort of your sofa, or your bed and blanket, with a throw pillow in the mix, you love words. And you love reading them in books even more!

Pair your night reader look with a women’s cotton pyjama set, so you’re comfy in bed.

Book recommendation: The Dark Tower by Stephen King

The Night DJ

Cami shorts and Pyjamas

Music has always been your companion. And during the night, vibing to your jam is how you de-stress yourself. From the 80’s Tarzan Boy to 23’s Lover, your playlist has the kind of music that you enjoy. You’re in the kitchen, back from a long hard day, cooking something homely and grooving to your playlist all through the night. 

Pair your Night DJ look with a pair of shorts and a cami top while you shuffle on.

A playlist you can check out: Sleepy Instrument Music

Netflix and Chill Bill

Nightdresses and Pyjamas

Watching Rick and Morty on Netflix? Or the new holiday movie? It could be Emily in Paris! You’ve got your shows to keep you company through the night. One episode could lead to the end of an entire season. And then you have FOMO because you just can’t wait to see what happens in the next season. 

Pair your Netflix and Chill Bill look with a short nightdress from Zivame.

A show you could try on Netflix: That 90’s Show 

The Night Chef feat Sous chef & food critic (All in one)

Zivame Robes and Pyjamas

After a long day at work, you’ve got that extra zing to cook something special for yourself. Make yourself a sangria-just enough fruit in it. Have a look at the refrigerator and pull out some lettuce, beetroots, green apples, onions, balsamic, a vinaigrette and some brown sugar, with a dash of salt. With the Panzella, add some peanuts or walnuts. The sous chef in you adds some cheese and voila! You complete your meal with a sweet tooth craving. You put together two crackers, a marshmallow and a bit of chocolate. The smores satiate your sweet cravings!

Pair your Night Chef look with a satin nightsuit, and chef mode is ON!

A recipe you can try for that night: No-bake Lemon Cheesecake for that extra zest!

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