LifestyleTaurus Women! We’ve Got The Lingerie Styles You Need!

Taurus Girl Lingerie Styles

Sexy, funny and down-to-earth – yes, we’re talking about the Taurus woman! The most loyal ally, the most stubborn friend, the most patient any woman can ever be – she’s one of a kind!

The Taurus Woman may appear sweet-natured (and oh yes, she is!) but once pushed to the limit, she has a temper that could slowly ignite and then be envied by the Goddess of Rage herself!

(Hey, we see you blushing in acknowledgment!)

That stubborn streak with beliefs that just can’t be changed, make you who you really are! And that’s what we admire the most about you!

You exude a quiet confidence that is reflected in your daily style statement. Cool, collected and usually calm is what your wardrobe says about you! We recommend classic styles that emulate your personality – think earthy tones of tan ‘n toffee, peach ‘n burgundy along with greys, whites and olive greens!

Taurus Women Fashion and Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, you need the perfect balance between something sensual and practical. How about longlines and T-shirt bras in neutral tones, with a hint of lace?

See some of the bestselling styles we’ve curated for our fabulous Taurean Girl!

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