UncategorizedTop Intimate Hygiene Essentials For 2020

Good hygiene is essential for keeping germs at bay and staying in good health. At Zivame, we have a whole line of Hygiene Essentials ranging from face masks, panty liners to sanitary pads that can help you stay clean and maintain hygiene every day. Check them out here:

Face Mask: Face Masks can keep you protected from viruses, dirt and pollution. They have become the norm nowadays to keep you and the people around you safe. Zivame Face Masks are made of breathable, reusable material, meaning they can be washed and worn again. These masks are crafted using seamless technology, giving you a chafe-free and contoured fit. Designed with an inbuilt filter, these masks offer three-layer protection against harmful particles and droplets. Let’s leave the medical masks for health practitioners and choose the next best thing!

Sanitary Pads: Did you know that regular pads are lined with harsh chemicals and synthetics that puts your health at risk? Try the Carmesi Sanitary Pad that is made of natural materials (bamboo & corn), is soft, thin and totally free of toxins – to experience a rash and leakage-free period. Plus it is biodegradable so you are helping the environment in a way, isn’t that cool?

Panty Liners: Unexpected period leaks and vaginal discharge can catch you off guard and disrupt your personal hygiene. Try the Carmesi Panty Liners available on Zivame that ensure you remain clean, confident and comfortable during such times. These liners are made from natural materials that don’t harm your body in any way. They are also biodegradable which makes them environment friendly!

Cramp Relief Oil: Periods can be messy and painful if you don’t have the right resources at your disposal. Try the Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Oil available on Zivame. This herbal, stain-free oil harnesses the goodness of menthol and eucalyptus oil to keep you pain-free when auntie Flo comes visiting. Next time you want to curl up into a ball, reach out for this Cramp Relief Oil for a comfortable and hassle-free period.

Antimicrobial Panties: Summer months can get sticky and icky. Opt for Zivame’s Antimicrobial Panties to stay dry, comfortable and odour-free all day long. These panties are made of summer-friendly fabrics, feature lively colours and come in a variety of sizes. You can choose from hipsters, bikini cut or tummy tucker designs to suit your needs!

Head to Zivame for the best in Intimate Hygiene and bring home these essentials today!


Team Zivame