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How Many Bras Should You Have?

It’s no secret – Every girl has about four bras she uses in rotation. We’re all guilty of the same. But ladies, remember, every good wardrobe starts with good lingerie. We’re sure you’ve got your panty game down pat, but how many of you actually have all the different kinds of bras you need? There’s a different bra for every outfit of your life and we’re here to help you find them all!

The Workwear Bra

What you need is a seamless T-shirt bras in a muted colour that is perfect under any work outfit. These bras are comfortable and go invisible under clothes so the last thing you have to worry about in between those meetings is a visible bra line or a chafing strap!

A T-Shirt Bra

This is a staple that you probably already own, but there’s no such thing as too many T-shirt bras. You can show off the bolder ones under sheer tops or get plain ones to wear on a daily basis. Whatever your choice, you can be assured of no visible bra lines or discomfort.

For Working Out

If you work out, then you should definitely own a good sports bra. For activities like running, functional training or any high-intensity activity, you’ll want a high impact sports bra that prevents bounce. But for low-intensity activities like yoga, you’ll need one that offers less compression while still being highly breathable.

 Around Home

Even if you don’t wear a bra at home, it’s good to keep one handy in case you have unexpected guests come over or if you just need to step out for a bit. Go for a non-padded, non-wired bra that’ll give you all the comfort you need at home without the awkwardness of not wearing a bra.

Date Nights

Now, this is something special. Whether it’s your anniversary or any other special night, you’ll want to wear something that’ll make you feel sexy and confident. Go for a lacy push-up bra or one of the cage styles. But if you’re looking for a wirefree version that’s also sexy, you can always go for a gorgeous lacy bralette.

Convertible Bras

You can make this your all-in-one go-to bra. If you’re going to a party post work, throw one of these bras on. The straps are detachable and you can wear them in many different ways. So, no matter what outfit you’re wearing to the club, you can fix the straps to match.

Apart from these, you may need different kinds of bras based on your unique needs, like a sag-lift bra, a maternity/nursing bra, a seamless bra and so on.

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