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The key to a good outfit starts underneath with the right kind of lingerie. And to make the right choice, it’s important to understand the different types of bra cups available in the market. So, allow us to indulge you.

#1 Full Cup
As the name suggests, this kind of cup offers maximum coverage to your bust. And for all the curvy girls out there, this is hands down the best style for you! The full cup is often accompanied by broad back and wide wings that help in providing additional support and no spillage. Explore Here.

#2 Demi Cup
Demi cup provides half the coverage a full cup does and push-up bras are often crafted with this kind of a cup. So if you’re thinking of wearing a dress or a top with low neckline, pair it with this bra for a well-rounded and an accentuated look. Explore Here.

#3 Minimiser Cup
Minimiser cups compress your bust and make it appear less bulky. If you’re curvy, you probably know the struggle with button-down shirts- they gape open on their own. Minimiser bras are your go-to styles in this hour of need. Explore Here.

#4 Cut & Sew Cups
These are often seamed cups made with two or more fabric pieces. Thanks to the additional construction, they often provide more support. And if you’re thinking of wearing a T-shirt or figure-hugging outfit, this style might not be the ideal choice because they will cause visible bra lines. Explore Here.

#5 Padded Cups
This probably needs no introduction. The padding in cups often provides definition add size and offer a clean finish over your outfits. This style is perfect for petite women with A or B cup size. Explore Here.

By now, you probably know the kind of cup you should go for. What more are you waiting for?

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