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Jade roller benefits

Jade rollers, jade rollers, jade rollers! Haven’t we heard that term a million + times now! In no time, these fancy tools went from being the latest fad to beauty tool essentials 101. But, what most of us may not be aware of is that the face sculpting method has been a part of beauty regimes for centuries now! Yep, we can actually trace them back to ancient Chinese dynasties!

A relaxing face massage promises to brighten our day and skin. But keeping up with monthly facial appointments, weekly cleanups, and now a daily facial yoga massage and oiling regime sounds next to impossible! Fear not, in come cool gemstone clad jade rollers! Let’s take a closer look and uncover their age-old benefits.


Let’s say you have a really important event – BFF’s wedding, YOUR wedding, a date, what have you. So, you take a beauty nap and uh-oh, wake up as Miss Puffins! Panic not, just grab a jade roller -preferably an ice-cold one – and gently massage your face using a serum. This is the quickest way to reduce face puffiness, brighten your skin naturally, and drain out toxins from your lymph nodes. The result? A radiant you, ready to dazzle!

Jade roller benefits


There is no way to dramatically alter your face and make it more chiseled overnight. But with persistent jade-rolling, it is possible to lightly contour your face. Soothing your visage as they go, these miracle tools don’t pull and tug at your skin, thus retaining its elasticity. With improved blood circulation, jade rollers help tighten your skin thereby, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Jade roller benefits

Product absorption

Now, if you think that jade rollers only sculpt and depuff, think again! If you’re concerned with neither, wait till we tell you that all skin serums and creams are absorbed better when rolled with! Massaging skincare in with your fingers may do the trick. But to ensure they work, help them sink deeper into your skin’s layers with these pretty crystal tools!

Jade roller benefits

Now that we know that jade rollers aren’t just fancy tools bougie influencers and celebrities use; where might one get them? We gotcha sister! Jade roller uses vary and so do their types. Check out the selection of face rollers Zivame‘s got:

Rose QuartzCommonly referred to as “The Healer Of The Heart.” Boost the renewal of your skin cells, and discover rejuvenated, glowing skin with this beautiful pink crystal.

AmethystAlso known as the stone of ‘wisdom, peace, and protection’, relieve yourself of stress and anxiety, and stimulates only great skin benefits.

Jade Spike RollerWith Jade’s cooling touch and comfortable spikes, it is an intense massage therapy tool to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

What are you waiting for? Discover these and more options for your skin on Zivame- just remember to wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser first!

Ananya Endow