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It’s a blissfully serene moment when you pause and realise that your best friend is actually your soulmate! The Monica to your Rachel, the Cece to your Jess, or the Blair to your Serena; she’s been with you through the thick, the thin – the whole spin. They’re your secret keepers, they tell you the things you need to hear (even if they’re not the easiest to say), they’re the first person you think of calling when something happens, and most of all – they’ve always got your back.

Here are 5 signs that will make you realise that your best friend is in fact, your soulmate!

You know what goes into their shopping cart, you might as well add it for them!

shopping with your best friend

You could finish each other’s sentences because you just know them that well! You’ve basically spent so much time together that you sometimes know exactly what the other is thinking. Which is why shopping for them is a slice of cake. No one knows or understands their shopping trajectory better than you, and you can fully expect to always find them the perfect gift. 

You’ve got a best friend tradition that you’ve kept going for a long time.

best friend soulmate

Sometimes life gets in the way, but that doesn’t change the love you have for each other. There’s one thing that surpasses time, space and distance – that pinky-promise, super secret tradition you’ve kept going on since forever. Whether that’s the playlist you update every time you find a favourite song, or sending them a selfie of every picturesque sunset you witness. It’s just something that keeps the bond strong!

You’ve gotten matching tattoos (or it’s just a matter of time!)

matching tattoos wiht best friend

You know this is a forever friendship, and you’re not afraid to show it! That’s probably why you’ve got cutesy matching tattoos. If you don’t have them already, that’s only because you can’t find the perfect design, but it’s definitely on your bucket list!

You love travelling together and can’t wait to explore all the corners of the world 

soulmate best friend

You’re extremely comfortable with the idea of packing your bags, booking the next flight out of the city and heading to a destination because you know you’ve got your favourite travel buddy by your side. It’s true, travelling together and exploring new places, new cultures, and cuisines can really bring you closer! So if you’ve done it, and you continue to want to travel the world together, you know she’s your soulmate!

If your idea of hanging out with each other is sometimes just watching a show in silence.


It doesn’t always have to be karaoke nights and early morning hikes and treks! Sometimes it’s just the comfortable silence you share, quietly watching an old favourite movie beside each other. 

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Heidi Thomas

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!