UncategorizedWhy we are Essentially Indian

When you think of Indian women, what do you think of? Let us tell you what comes to our minds. We think of a progressive woman who knows how to balance work and home like a pro, a woman with beautiful olive skin, wearing colourful clothes (just like her vivid personality) that celebrate her delightful curves. Do you agree? ?

Just like the gorgeous Indian woman you are, Zivame is essentially Indian. Zivame was born to celebrate the Indian woman, her needs, her aspirations and her body. We realised that you were winning in every aspect of your life be it education, career, home or hobbies. But the conversation about your own body was holding you back. It was so hush-hush…till now! At Zivame, we decided to bring this conversation about you, your body and lingerie front and centre. No more, embarrassingly whispering, “Bhaiya, ek 34-B dikhana”! We created a safe space for you to celebrate your body and shop for the latest, trendiest and the most comfortable intimate wear, without fear or judgement.

Our aim has always been to ensure your opinions are valued and needs served. No more boring lingerie and size troubles!  Gone are the days when beautiful lingerie was just made for women of a particular size. We pushed the envelope beyond the ‘36-C’ wall. Waaay beyond! We understood that real Indian women come in different sizes and shapes; a standard template just won’t do!  So, we spoke to countless Indian women and crafted our range of intimate wear to suit your body and your attire.

At Zivame, we are driven by ‘Innovation’. This philosophy helped us create one-of-a-kind products for Indian women. Our in-house creation, The Miracle Bra was the result of this innovative way of thinking. We spoke to many women, and they all had one thing to say: “Give us a Bra we could just wear all day without giving it a second thought”. In comes the Miracle Bra – it doesn’t feel like a Bra at all but still gives you amazing coverage, shape and support. It is the true AM- PM Bra that you can wear all day long- for office, yoga, and even to bed.

Our FITCODE technology is another example of our innovative approach. This proprietary technology uses the measurements of thousands of Indian women to help you know your right size, breast profile and cup shape. All you have to do is simply log on to our website and with a click of a button know everything about your breast size and shape. Isn’t that cool?!

Another innovation that was born to cater to the need of Indian women, was our True Curv Collection. It was crafted after talking to thousands of women and realising the struggles of fuller-bodied women. There were so many issues that needed to be addressed. Accordingly, we designed a range for curvy Indian women, with bras like the Sag Lift, Minimiser, and Super Support in sizes up to 44 F! These Bras are made using superior technology and fabrics and are all about all-day support and abundant comfort.

We love the essentially Indian saree & believe that wearing it should only bring joy and should be very comfortable to wear. So, we designed the Saree Shapewear that completely eliminates the need for messy petticoats! This innovative Shapewear skirt sculpts your tummy and lower body to achieve the va-va-voom hourglass figure that all of us are after. No more unflattering petticoats, just the perfect mermaid silhouette you always wanted!

Just like all these products, every style by Zivame is lovingly and thoughtfully crafted to help Indian women in every aspect of their lives – be it for the office, at home, the gym, at a party or any other place!

Not only are we made for Indian women, but our styles are also designed in India! All our designs come straight from the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. 

Ladies, thank you for accepting us and showering us with your love. We promise to always innovate and create products keeping your needs in our mind. We promise to indulge you while always staying truly and essentially Indian!

Team Zivame