UncategorizedAre You Wearing The Right Panty Size?

We always put a lot of thought into what dresses we’re going to wear, what shoes to match with them, jewellery, and whatnot. Never about panties, though. “They’re just, … there!”, is the general perspective. But, try wearing an uncomfortable panty, and see how it ruins your whole day.

Most of the panty problems arise when you wear the wrong size. To ensure you never have to go through that hassle again, we have put together a size-chart for you. Check it out:

That said, some issues aren’t always based on size muddles. But don’t worry; we know what you go through, and so, have listed hacks to a few of the most exasperating panty-problems.

Visible Panty-lines

It’s worse than a nightmare when you realize the outline of your panty is visible through your bottoms and all you can do is obsess about it. But, instead of mentally deciding to never wear that gorgeous pencil skirt, you could try out seamless panties. They’ll feel like a second skin while giving you the perfect amount of cover and support. Or, maybe you could try out the barely-there thongs. These sexy alternatives will take you from awkward to sensual in a jiffy.

Best worn with: Bodycon dresses, fitted skirts, and pants.

Love Handles and Muffin Tops

You have the perfect dress to show off your smooth waistline, but tight bands of your panties throw out bulges. Ughh! That can get very annoying. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by using panties with broad waistbands (hipster panties). Hipster panties are a cross between bikini panties and boyshorts in that the waistband sits right at the hips and is moderately low-rise. You could also go with good-old tummy tuckers suppress bulges. Those never go wrong!

Best worn with: Jumpsuits, skinny jeans, high-waist trousers, and skirts.

Peeking Waistbands

Now, that is the most tiresome of the lot. To keep pulling your jeans up to hide those bands is such a hassle; not to mention how it takes all the fun out of low-rise jeans. Bikini panties sit just below the hips and work well for such cases. Although the style is inspired by the sexy swimwear, bikinis make for excellent panties as they provide just enough coverage for you to have perfect support and still stay fashionable.

Best worn with: Low-rise pants and jeans.

Riding Up and Up

It’s horrifyingly embarrassing when you have to pull your panties down or adjust them in public. Even so, you can’t really put up with the discomfort caused by panties riding up and cutting into your skin. Try out high-coverage styles like boy-shorts to avoid that. Boyshorts have a mid-rise waistline that gives full rear and side coverage. Designed like shorts for men, the complete coverage also ensures there are no panty lines evident – making them your best bet for all-day comfort.

Best worn with: Short skirts, mini-dresses, and playsuits.

Damp Ickiness

Hot summer days and sweat often cause dampness in the nether regions. This not only feels weird but is also quite unhygienic. Anti-microbial panties are just the cure for that! Their unique anti-microbial finish and fresh combed cotton make for a fresh, clean and odour-free day.

Now that you know the hacks to every problem, shop for the right panties right away.

Team Zivame