Lifestyle11 Fun Pranks You Should Play On April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner – one day of the year when you can unleash the child in you without being reprimanded for any pranks!
Now beware, your friends and family may already have some tricks up their sleeves, so don’t be caught unaware. Here are 11 incredibly easy and inexpensive pranks you can try to catch them off guard too!

1. Loose (Remote) Control
This one’s an oldie-but-goodie. Paste a transparent tape over the sensor of the remote-control – when someone tries to change channels, they’ll be left frustrated thanks to an unresponsive remote! You can also go one step further and cover the base of their computer mouse!

Image source: positivelyoakes

2. No More Tears Lather
How frustrating would it be to get into the shower and see you’re out of soap? Now imagine having soap but one that won’t lather! Just paint your friend’s bar of soap with clear nail polish (go over it with 2-3 coats) and let it dry completely before putting it back. It will be the most unsatisfactory bath!

Image source: emlii

3. Colour ‘Em Red
Want to spook your sibling? All you need is some drink concentrate powder in red. Unscrew the shower or faucet head (you should be able to do it easily) and sprinkle some of the red powder in there. When your brother or sister go in for a shower, listen for screams when blood-like red water starts trickling down!

Image source: hogwildtoys

4. Get Creepy, Crawly & Creative
Time to creep your friends out. Using black card paper, cut out large shapes of insects and stick them on the insides of all the lamps in the house. When you turn the lamp on, the light will show the silhouette of a large insect – enough to give anyone the shivers!

Image source: yahoo-photos

5. A New Kind of Cream
Ever woke up with toothpaste all over your face at a childhood sleepover? Time to take revenge! Scrape off the stuffing inside cream biscuits and slather on some white toothpaste instead. Offer these re-purposed biscuits to your friend at tea time, and watch them cringe!

Image source: Mintified

6. Wanna See a Rainbow?
Want to spread some cheer? Surprise your friend with an unexpected rainbow, right on their car. Put some rainbow coloured poster paint under the windshield wipers. Dirty their glass a little, and when they turn on the wipers, the crayons will spread all over, leaving behind rainbow coloured streaks!

Image Source: Bored Panda

7. Three AM Terrors
This one’s a little evil – but totally worth it! Set an alarm for 3 am, and hide it in your sibling’s room! It’ll be like a middle-of-the-night treasure hunt to turn the alarm off!

8. Strike A Pose & Wait, & Wait & Wait….
Hire a *professional* artist, and get your friends to pose for a portrait. Let a few hours pass – after all, a creative process takes time! At the end, gift them their trick portrait and have a laugh at their annoyed faces!

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9. Alert! Alert!
What if you got a message from your bank about money withdrawals that you didn’t sanction? Freak your friends out by changing your contact name in their phone to that of their bank. Send them messages saying, ‘Rs. 2,00,000 has been debited from your account’ and watch how they’ll panic!

10. Oops, I Shared My Payslip
This April Fool’s Day, there’s a prank PDF available called ‘Payslip’. Send it to your friends and tickle their curiosity only to leave them with a funny surprise!

11. Thanks For Subscribing!
Borrow your friend’s phone and change your number to a vague SMS code like – 55645. Now, start spamming your friends with random and mundane facts and leave them flabbergasted!

You can pull all the pranks you want, but we won’t. We’ve got some amazing offers for you – not kidding! 


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