LifestyleHues For You: Bra colours that are in!

Have you thought about whether the colour of the outfits you wear can have an effect on your mood? That definitely seems to be the case because dopamine dressing is trending! In the mood for some peace and calm, try incorporating some tranquil whites into your wardrobe, and if you’re feeling confident, bold, and ready to take on the world, you could try some black! 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how a little bit of colour therapy can impact your daily moods. We’ve got a Zivame bra colour guide to help you add some hues into your everyday views.

1. The Blacks, Whites, & Nudes

Essentially, a basic colour palette is a must-have in every wardrobe, and that goes for your lingerie wardrobe too. Blacks, whites, and nudes go with all your outfits and are often available in a whole bunch of styles and sizes for you to choose from. 

If you’re in the mood for some elegance and sophistication, flattering black bras are a definite go-to! Black bras look great on all skin tones and are an ideal option for when you are sporting formal attire.

If however, black is not your colour, White bras are a great option too! They go great under all your outfits (except for when you are wearing a white shirt because it may shine through the outfit) and are a definite must-have. 

Let’s face it – a good neutral or nude bra is something necessary for everyday wear. Nude bras not only blend in with your skin tone but give you a smooth silhouette under your outfits. You’ll definitely be able to step out with confidence because these indispensable bras have got you covered (literally)!

2. Blooming Cherries in Red

The colour red often represents a whole array of emotions like passion and individuality. It definitely catches your attention and makes you feel adventurous and energetic. The best part? Red bras often go with most of your outfits and especially make you feel like a million bucks.

3. Blushing Tunes in Pink, Purple, & Maroon

Feeling in the mood for some Watermelon Sugar High? Then it’s time to fill in your wardrobe with some pinks, purple, and maroon! 

Peachy and feminine – that’s what Pink Bras make you feel! They can instantly uplift your mood and have you feeling romantic. Choose pink bras with all your favourite daytime outfits and even the sheer ones because this colour closely resembles a softer nude and can save you from pesky peep-throughs.

It’s a ‘berry’ nice day when you choose a Purple bra because they make you feel super sensual, enigmatic, and imaginative! They’re also perfect for when you want to feel royal. Purple bras are for those days when you want to impress and go well with all your darker outfits. Choose these hues for when you’re stepping out during the evenings or at night!

Are you in the mood for some juicy plums that will fill your life with a whole bunch of excitement? Why not try adding some maroon in your lingerie wardrobe? While the colour is often associated with ambition, courage, and risk, we’re here to tell you that it’s the perfect option for days when you want to sport a lush velvet or grey outfit.

4. Jazzy Blues

Dive deep into the ocean of tranquil blues! Calming, reassuring, and secure are all personality traits associated with the colour blue. If you’re in the mood to feel these emotions, you could try wearing a Blue bra, which also gives you a feeling of stability. A blue bra also easily goes under similar colours, so it makes for a great everyday option!

Nothing’s going to stop you when you want to find the best-coloured bras for your intimate wear drawer. You could easily choose abstract designs, animal prints, or cute ditsy florals apart from plain coloured bras. You’ll definitely notice how wearing a bra can affect your mood with these shades!

Team Zivame