Uncategorized5 Colours That Will Lift your Wardrobe and your Mood

Colour Palettes 2024! Sign off on a palette to truly make your wardrobe unique and personal to you!

It’s long been established that colours that we surround ourselves with, have an impact on our mood. Colour and colour palettes and known to encourage introspection, creativity, and the ebb and flow of thoughts and feelings. The colours on the warmer end of the spectrum – red, orange and yellow – evoke warmth and comfort to anger and combat, while colours on the cooler end of the spectrum – blue, green and purple depict feelings that range from calmness to sadness.

As you take renewed charge of your wardrobe this year, consider colour palettes with new shades as your focal point. Sticking to a colour palette offers a unilateral direction to your thoughts, as well as a signature style move. It moves all your accessories into colour capsules thus encouraging multiple combinations of your outfits.

Here are 5 shades that can be your focal colours in fresh palettes that excite you for a new year!


If Pantone says it’s the colour to rock in 2024, who’re we to contest it. A sensual, charming shade, Peach Fuzz is innocent, tender and brings in a type of vintage sophistication to everything it graces.

Balance the colour with: Blush, Pink, Browns, Marsalas, Green, Grey

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Jewel Green

While green is known to jolt you out of your reverie and evoke a sense of exploration and experimentation with identities, a jewel green – a much darker green can evoke a sense of mystery, intrigue and sensuality.

Balance the colour with: Pink, Gold, Ivory, Prints, Black, Rust, Cantaloupe

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Turquoise is the perfect pastel for those who prefer the blues over the pinks. Friendly, happy and tranquil, turquoise reminiscent of icy fairylands, is perfect to sprinkle some princess magic in your intimate drawer!

Balance the colour with: Blush, Silver, Off white, Tan, Ochre, Indigo, Grey

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Candy Pink

There’s simply no way this colour was not going to find its way to us. With 2023 being the year of Barbie, what started as a soft, gentle hue is now a dynamic, power-packed symbol of reclaimed femininity, filling us and our wardrobes with confidence!

Balance the colour with: Lilac, Metallic, Mauve, Brown, Daisy Yellow

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A warm cinammon-y colour that is not exactly wine and not exactly mauve will start something spicy in your wardrobe. A gorgeous ‘elevated, editorial’ shade no wonder then that this was Pantone colour of the year 2015.

Balance the colour with: Lilac, Metallic, Mauve, Brown, Daisy Yellow

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