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Leggings For Every Body Shape

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Leggings have taken the modern fashion scene by a storm. Seems unlikely but it’s true! They are so versatile, comfy and chic – most women own at least a pair or more. Good Leggings fit like a second skin and give your legs a snug fit. They are great for workouts and rock the Athleisure look like no other. 

In case you have missed the Leggings bus, don’t worry- we are here to help! If you feel they are not meant for your body type, we are here to change your mind. Leggings are available in different sizes and styles that suit every body type – whether you are petite, athletic or curvy. You just need to find the one best suited for you. There are many types of Leggings like ankle length, 7/8th length, capri style, printed, cut-outs and others. Read on to know which ones are best suited for you.

If you consider yourself top-heavy (read: full bust and waist, slim legs) we suggest you go for high-rise solid coloured ankle-length Leggings that provide compression- so your tummy remains taut and you get that shapely silhouette. If you are getting bored of solids, keep it fresh and interesting by selecting Leggings with mesh details instead of loud prints that draw attention to your mid-section. You can also go for solid coloured capri-length Leggings to show-off your slim, toned legs. 

If you have a wider lower body (read: full hips and rear) ensure your Leggings are high quality and dense so there are no peek-a-boo incidents while stretching. Avoid tight waistbands as it will draw attention to your hips. Choose Mid-rise Leggings with a wide waistband so that you can stay comfortable. 

If you are petite and wondering which Leggings will suit you best, we suggest you go for 7/8th length Leggings. Regular Leggings are designed to be longer and may bunch up at your ankles while knee-length leggings can make your legs appear shorter. 7/8th length Leggings are your sweet spot! There are no restrictions as far as designs are concerned- go have fun with colours and prints! If you prefer yoga and pilates over others, we suggest you go for cotton-blend Leggings that provide incredible stretch for easy mobility.

If you have an athletic body and wish to appear curvy, we suggest that you make bold choices. Play with designs and prints and opt for mid-rise Leggings that grip you under the belly button to give the appearance of curves. You can easily opt for capri-length Leggings as well. They make your long legs look more proportional to your body (it’s a risk you can take!). Of course, if you want legs for days, stay loyal to your regular Leggings- trust us, you will be the envy of all your friends! If you dabble in high-intensity activities like CrossFit, opt for moisture-wicking Leggings for their quick-drying properties. 

So, it’s settled! There are different types of Leggings for everyone! Head to Zivame to find the one that suits you and build your Legging collection today!

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