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Life’s too short to be anything but happy. In a world of hustle and bustle, there’s some serious magic in discovering what keeps those grins glowing. So, we decided to jump into the lives of our Zivame community and unlock their 5 lifestyle secrets! These fab five have cracked the code to keeping those smiles wide and spirits high. From chai-powered philosophies to spontaneous adventures, and cheesy obsessions to Bollywood binges, they’ve found their groove. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through their happy tales since it’s all about wonderful, joyful ways to make every day a celebration for these happy women!

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Step into Sweta’s world of happiness at 26! Chai and desserts are her spirit foods, while moonlit philosophies add cosmic flair. Always ready to shop till she drops, with a strong obsession with vanilla body mists! The secret sauce that keeps her grooving & growing – Yoga zen, Akon jams and TED Talks! Oh, and who needs makeup? Skincare reigns supreme in her self-love list, while morning walks and beauty sleep seal the deal. Life according to Sweta: a delicious blend of dreams, delights, and dancing to her own tune!
Her Advice: Chase passions that light your soul, relish every moment and remember, self-care isn’t selfish – it’s the key to radiance!

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Meet Neha, the energetic 32-year-old housewife and supermom of twins who’s cracked the happiness code! Juggling parenthood and household like a pro, her secrets to staying happy are as magical as they come. It starts with a morning walk with kids – her daily dose of fabulousness. Creative cooking sessions turn into quality family time, as she makes memories over delicious dishes. Amidst daily chores, “me-time” is non-negotiable – a good book and a cup of tea are her companions. Connecting with fellow parents in her neighborhood keeps her spirits high, proving that sharing laughs and advice goes a long way. Neha’s happiness mantra? Navigate chaos with a smile and cherish every small victory.

Her Advice: Blend mindfulness, family connections, personal space, and supportive community for a recipe to a genuinely happy life!

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Say hello to Shagun, a 20-year-old student who’s crafting a life that’s as vibrant as her palette! And what’s her top secret? Unwinding through meditation. Ice cream dreams with Baskin Robbins’ Mississippi Mud, jet-setting for some epic escapades and cracking up at “The Office” keep her spirits sky-high. Even though she’s a makeup artist, skincare takes the spotlight with Ascorbic acid lip calm being her ride-or-die. Honesty paves her path, along with devotion to Krishna ji. Solitude in cafes and the company of books like “101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think” fuel her soul. Amidst her passions, family shines brightest, followed closely by respect for all. In a world of opinions, Shagun dances to her own tune.

Her Advice: Always remain open to listening first and embark on solo dates to discover the expert in happiness within yourself.

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Rishika, a 27-year-old married working professional, unveils her happiness canvas. Her spellbinding secret? Finding bliss in Bollywood movie marathons such as “Vivah” & “Hum Saath-Saath Hain” on repeat! Game nights? She rules with Monopoly, Stock Exchange and Sequence. But wait, there’s more! She’s got a cheese obsession that’s feta amazing and a knack for real-life thriller movies that keeps her on the edge of her seat! That’s Rishika – living life in 5D: Drama, Dice, Dare, Deliciousness and Drama again!

Her Advice: Embrace what makes your heart dance & surround yourself with the people you love – whether it’s cheesy, daring or movies!

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Priya, the unstoppable 23-year-old CA Finalist who thrives on adrenaline rushes! What’s her potion? Say yes to spontaneity! From mixing study marathons with nature-based adventures such as trekking and rock climbing to trying exotic foods, she’s practically a professional explorer. Sudden hangouts with friends are her secret ingredient for joy. Living without restrictions and judgments helps her breathe easy as she fearlessly dives into life. Dumplings, sweets dishes, and puchka from the streets of Kolkata are her jam. Oh, and rain? It’s her dance partner, whether she’s grooving to the beat or savoring hot Maggi. Priya’s happiness? One part adventure, one part laughter and a whole lot of colorful living!

Her Advice: Collect memories, not things, and embrace the unexpected!

Ria Bothra

Meet Ria! She comes with an abundant love for words, fashion and beauty. When she's not struck by random shopping cravings, you'll find her cooking up ideas and laughing at life's quirks.

Meet Ria! She comes with an abundant love for words, fashion and beauty. When she's not struck by random shopping cravings, you'll find her cooking up ideas and laughing at life's quirks.