Lifestyle7 Bra Myths That You’ve Really Got To Stop Believing

We all know better than to believe everything we hear; or so you’d think!
There are more rumours about bras than one can count and we’ve all been duped for too long! Not anymore – it’s time to bust some myths! We reveal the truth behind 7 bra myths that you’ve probably heard from your grandmothers, uppity sales associates at lingerie stores and your best friend, the internet!


We all have that one bra we bought years ago, spent a bomb on, love to bits and just can’t part with! But the fact is, a good quality bra can last up to 100 washes, or about a year long. After that it’s time to say goodbye, ‘cos unlike diamonds, bras aren’t forever! So. are you looking for a new one?


How can it not?! Right from change in weight to hormonal ups and downs – our bodies are anything but consistent. On an average, a woman’s bra size changes 6 times throughout her life. So, if you’re wondering if it’s time to get fitted, the answer is probably YES!


Technically, it isn’t a sin – but if you want your bra to last longer, don’t do it! From cups getting crushed to underwires getting bent or the lace ripping out, there’s a ton of things that can go wrong! The best solution is to hand-wash your intimates or use a lingerie bag if you must use the machine.


Even if you aren’t one for daily exercise routines, you still need a sports bra when that sudden urge to burn calories takes over! They provide maximum support and prevent bounce due to excessive movement during workout sessions! Trust us ladies, it’s worth the investment!


Well, no one’s going to stop you, but think of your poor bra! It ideally requires a minimum of 24 hours’ downtime between each wear so the fabric doesn’t stretch out! C’mon ladies, even your bras need a day off!


We’re sure you’ve heard this one before and ladies, trust us – it isn’t true! But if you’re the kind whose simply uncomfortable sleeping without a bra on, we’ve got you covered. What you need is a sleep bra (yes it really does exist) – it’s non-padded, wire-free and very comfy! Girl, go on, slip it on and sleep in absolute comfort!


Underwired or not, black or blue, no bra is responsible for causing breast cancer – and that’s the truth! With no scientific evidence to back this claim, this infamous rumour is just that – an untrue claim against bras!

Surprised? Really makes you wonder how much you know about our beloved bras, doesn’t it?


Team Zivame