Fashion9 Stylish Pants That’ll Make You Say Goodbye To Jeans

We know you wear your beloved pair of jeans everywhere – to the mall, for a party, on a trip, sometimes at work! But lately, with the weather getting hotter every day, they seem a bit restrictive, right? Well, you can stash away those jeans for now, ‘cos I’m going to tell you about the coolest pants to stock up on instead!

The ‘Grocery-Store’ Pants 

Why pull on a tight pair of jeans when you’ve got these trendy boot-cut pants with a fold-over waist. Pair ‘em with a loose crop top and easy-to-walk-in flats and shop for your veggies in style!

The ‘All-Day-at-The-Mall’ Pants 

We know a trip to the mall means movies, lunch and window shopping – lots of window shopping! If you’re going to be out, walking around the mall all day, you need the comfort of leggings. Try something with a delicate bow at the waist and pair it with a form-fitted top for a smart ‘n stylish look!

The ‘Worst-Hangover-Ever’ Pants 

Ever woke up in the morning with a splitting headache, hazy memory of the night before, and an intense urge to stay in bed all day? The last thing you want to do on such hungover days is spend time picking out a pretty outfit. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! A loose pair of palazzo pants with an even looser top is perfect for your lazy-hazy mood.

The ‘Impress-Your-Boss’ Pants 

Formal trousers and crisp white shirts for Monday morning meetings are overdone. Time to try something new – like these statement tapered pants that have a paper-bag waist teamed up with a fitted tee. Add on a chic handbag, and your understated yet stylish attire is sure to impress!

The ‘Brunch-with-Your-Gang’ Pants 

Weekend brunches with your girl gang call for a style that is fun yet laid-back! What better than a pair of denim jogger pants with a striped tee for the ultimate happy-go-easy look!

The ‘Lazy-Day-at-Work’ Pants 

You know those mornings that just stretch on forever and noon seems eons away? That signals the start of a really lazy day. To get by, a pair of comfortable slim-fit pants is what you need. Styles with patterns and prints can even spruce up your outfit!

The ‘11-Hour-Flight’ Pants

We know you’d love to wear a pair of sweats and a baggy old tee when you’re cramped up in a seat for that long. But every airport look needs an element of style and we’ve got what you need! Go for a pair of straight fit cotton pants with a pretty top to match. You’ll look and feel great!

The ‘Relatives-are-Visiting’ Pants 

We’ve all been caught in situations where the family springs over for an unexpected visit and we’re still dressed in baggy boxers and a skimpy bralette! So, when you quickly need to slip into something comfy, try these gorgeous flared pants – they look good enough when people are over, and also when you need to make a quick trip down the street to drop them off!

The ‘At-Home-with-Your-Bestie’ Pants 

Plan to lounge at home with your best friend, watching movies, making 5-minute pasta and just gossiping? Make sexy black leggings your go-to lounge pants! Just pair them with a bralette and layer a tank top; you’re all set!


Team Zivame