FashionAries Girl? Here’s The Style You Need!

The Aries Girl is all about passion. She’s the alpha female – a natural leader and ferociously independent! Yet, every now and then she requires attention and a little showering of love from those around her. Bold and aggressive, yet childlike and naïve – she’s an impressive anomaly! The Aries lady knows what she’s worth, knows what she wants and knows how to get it!

(Yes, we see you nodding in agreement to all our praise!)

Your ‘Go-Big or Go-Home’ attitude is what we love most about you! You may be stubborn and impatient but what’s perfection without tiny flaws?

With such a fiery personality, we know you like taking risks, particularly when you’re dressing up! So we have a few style suggestions for you. You need something comfortable yet fabulous that won’t restrict you on your path to glory! But make sure these outfits are head-turners too, since we know you crave that attention.

When it comes to lingerie, we know you’d love to wear something bold, sexy and daring. Think lace and cage bras in maroon, crimson, cherry and of course the all-time-favourite black!

Here are some bestselling styles we’ve curated for our favourite Aries Girl!

Team Zivame