UncategorizedA History Lesson in Lingerie: Brassieres To Bralettes

A History Lesson in Lingerie: Brassieres To Bralettes

A History Of Lingerie

As you blur through your morning routine, “ka-ping” goes your bra. A not-so-friendly smack on the shoulder and a few expletives later you prepare yourself (and your bank account) for a lingerie splurge. After all, it is your duty to maintain the “women own 9 bras at a time” average or the brassiere police would come calling now, wouldn’t they?

A History Of Lingerie

But did you know that once upon a time, slipping on (and off) a bra wasn’t such an easy task? From corsets designed to deflate your lungs and simple wraparound Roman cloths to pointy-shaped cones, brassieres have come a long, long way. Wish to know more about the history of bras? Read on…


A History Of Lingerie

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Topless was in

Today, underwear falls into your ‘basic necessities’ category, but back in the day, topless was the trend. Er, WHAT? Simply peek into ancient Indian paintings and sculptures and you’ll know what we are talking about. Breasts weren’t as sexual back then, and it was only with the arrival of the British that the traditional saree blouse as we know it today found a home in wardrobes across India.



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Oh you bad bra, you!

While Indian women were experiencing the freedom that women today experience only after a hard day’s work, corsets were working their magic in the West. Yes, they provided a shortcut to women on a quest to get that hourglass figure and yes, they defied gravity by pushing the breasts higher than what the doctor recommended. But that’s where the pros ended and the “women are the weaker sex” myth took root. Not so much because it was untrue, but because the corsets were so tight, that women kept falling sick and fainting when least expected.



A History Of Lingerie

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Bras to the rescue!

If it wasn’t for the frustrated 19-year-old Mary Phelps Jacob, would women still be stuffing themselves into corsets? Maybe, maybe not. But young Mary, annoyed with her bulky corset, fashioned an alternative undergarment (read BRA) with the help of her maid. She not only succeeded in sewing together two silk handkerchiefs with a pink ribbon, but the attention she garnered led her to file a patent on her design soon after.




Bras, bralettes and more

We’ve come a long way from Mary Phelps Jacob’s original bra design. Now you can choose styles from strapless, push up, T-shirt bras and even bralettes, for when you want that no-bra feeling! Time to make those uncomfortable corsets a distant memory!


So if you want to equip your wardrobe with 9 bras that the average demands, then it’s about time you begin your shopping expedition. Who knows, while you are at it, you may even get 12 at the price of 9, with some amazing offers.

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