What To Do When You Feel “I Have Nothing To Wear”

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Clothes overflowing out of your wardrobe, every hanger occupied, drawers filled to the brim and yet – ‘I have nothing to wear’, says every girl, almost every day! If you’re one of them, don’t worry, we’re here to help! So, simply channel your inner model, borrow inspiration from the fashion gurus, and tackle your wardrobe head on! Here’s what to do when you can’t think of anything to wear!

Re-invent those at-home pants!
Know those loose and easy flared pants that we always reserve for lazy days at home? It’s time to bring ‘em out! Pair them with a tucked-in, fitted, button-down shirt and you’ve got a never-before work-wear look! So, next time you find yourself in a dilemma, just remember – Mix ‘n Match is every fashion lover’s mantra! Combine loose with tight, structured with easy, bling with dull – do the unexpected and break every fashion rule you know!

What To Do When You Feel "I Have Nothing To Wear"


Who said LBDs are meant only for parties?
We know your little black dress hangs ahead of all the other party outfits. But maybe it needs a new avatar! Why not dress it down for a movie, with a checkered-print shirt and sneakers or primp it up for work with a blazer and black wedges! The key is to look differently at what you already have!

What To Do When You Feel "I Have Nothing To Wear"


Ever thought about wearing a bra as a top?
Feel like none of your tops match those perfect shorts? Maybe it’s time to look into your lingerie drawer! That’s right, here’s something new for you! Simply slip into a pretty longline bralette, pull on a pair of shorts and you’re good to go!

What To Do When You Feel "I Have Nothing To Wear"


Workout wear isn’t only meant for exercising!
Long to live in those comfy printed leggings you wear during your daily workout routine? What’s stopping you? Swap your training tee and sports bra with a crop top and a co-ordinated gym jacket! Casual and chic – here’s an outfit that’s good enough to be your go-to choice on lazy days!

What To Do When You Feel "I Have Nothing To Wear"


Who said striped tees are boring? 
Remember that old striped tee you thought was too simple to be fashionable? Think again! ‘Cos ladies, stripes aren’t boring, they’re classics! Here’s how you can keep your wardrobe from getting stale – rearrange it! Team up that striped tee with a pair of joggers or wear it under a spaghetti dress. Bring the back-benchers out front and let the front-runners take a bench!

What To Do When You Feel "I Have Nothing To Wear"


Still convinced you have absolutely nothing to wear? We think not!


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