FashionActivewear Essentials for Indian Women


The recent pandemic has made us realise how important it is to be healthy and have strong immunity. One of the ways to ensure that your body’s immunity remains strong is to make exercise an essential part of your daily routine. It doesn’t matter if gyms are currently out of our reach, most of us have turned a special corner in our home into a workout station. Those incredible insta posts are proof! Yoga in the balcony, dance lessons on Zoom and body weight exercises on the terrace- every little nook has the potential to be used creatively!

But just because you are home, working out in your PJs isn’t really right. Having the right exercise gear is as important as the exercise itself. The right Activewear instantly gets you in the workout mindset and more importantly it ensures you avoid injuries and stay comfortable.

Let’s talk about the number one must-have in all our workout wardrobes: Sports Bras! No matter how much you love your Miracle Bra, we suggest you change into a good Sports Bra during a workout routine. Why? There are plenty of reasons! A good Sports Bra secures your bust during a workout, restricts movement and keeps breast related injuries at bay. Depending on your bust size and the intensity of the exercise, you can choose from a variety of Sports Bras. Low & MediumHigh Impact Sports Bras, racer backs, noodle straps– there are many styles to choose from!

A Low or Medium Impact Sports Bra is more suited for easy going activities like walking and yoga. Whereas, the most suitable Sports Bra for activities like running, Zumba, HIIT exercises, skipping etc. is the High-impact Sports Bra.

You can totally wear your Sports Bra by itself if you are working out in the privacy of your room. In the more public areas of the house, throw in a comfortable tee and you are good! In fact, our Sports Bras are so comfortable you can even wear them while at work, doing chores or simply chilling at home.

Speaking of workout T-Shirts, we think they are highly underrated! Everyone is talking about Sports Bras and Leggings but what about Tees? Workout Tees are an absolute essential in every fitness enthusiast’s wardrobe. Like we suggested before, if you aren’t really comfortable with wearing just a Sports Bra, top it off with a comfy Tee. Most Zivame Activewear Tees are made from sweat-wicking materials, so you can stay dry and comfortable during a workout. They also provide incredible stretch and movement so you don’t ever feel restricted while dancing or attempting those jaw-dropping yoga backbends.

Now that we have tackled two important essentials for at-home workout, let’s talk about Leggings. Zivame Leggings are great for compressing leg muscles so you don’t experience any jiggling while working out. Our well designed Leggings also have a no-camel toe gusset so you never have an embarrassing moment while breaking a sweat. Zivame Leggings are chafe-free and comfortable to wear plus they are made from high memory retention fabric which helps them get back in shape after a good stretch. Be it dancing, skipping, running, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or walking- there’s a pair of Leggings for all your needs & workouts!

For us, this is the holy trinity of comfortable and modest Activewear. What do you think? Pair them together with some cool sports shoes and get ready to burn some calories! Get your hands on the most comfortable Activewear in town. Simply log on to Zivame and shop from a wide variety of Sports Bras, T-shirts and Leggings today! 

Stay fit, stay safe!


Team Zivame