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Our home is our new world. Self-quarantine has led us to work from home, chill at home, find entertainment at home and even workout at home. Yes! Just because the gyms are shut, doesn’t mean our workouts should suffer, right? In fact, if you were waiting to start your fitness journey, this may be the best time to do it! No distraction and an ample amount of time! After all, office commute eating up your free time is just not an excuse anymore!

If you are using this time for working out at home, you need the right gear to support you. Just because it is a home workout doesn’t mean your home Bra and an old tee will suffice. Remember home or not, it is still a workout. You will stretch, jump, squat, dance and maybe even lift weights. You need the right Activewear to keep you dry, secure and help you maintain form, even at home. The good news is that Zivame’s Activewear Collection is here for you! Right from Sports Bras, workout Tees, Leggings, Shorts, Vests– we have it all and then some more!

Here are a few more reasons why you need our Activewear in your workout arsenal asap:

Benefit #1: The right Activewear lets your skin breathe

Burning calories = sweating. And sweating during a workout in regular clothes is nothing short of a nightmare. Sweating in your home tee and PJs can clog pores leading to stickiness, body odour and worse- breakouts. You need to let your skin breathe, girl!

With the right Activewear, you can tackle this problem easily. Our Activewear is made of moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics which means you stay dry during your workout. Check out this super soft Tee and Capris that have the perfect fit and will keep you fresh while you work towards a healthier body.

Benefit #2: The right Sports Bra can reduce breast pain & discomfort

Because we’re home these days, it’s easy to get lazy and not want to change into a Sports Bra before a workout. Don’t make that mistake! Wearing the right Sports Bra (fit and activity-specific) can be a blessing especially if your workout includes jumping, or any other movement that is vigorous.

Traditional Bras or the wrong Sports Bra can cause breast pain and unnecessary discomfort since they don’t support your breasts properly. What you need is a Sports Bra that fits like a glove, restricts breast movement, and is designed for the activity you are engaged in.  For example, go for a high-impact Sports Bra for spot jogging, Zumba, HIIT, skipping or any other high-intensity work-out. Similarly, a medium-impact Sports Bra is perfect for a refreshing Yoga session by the balcony.

Benefit #3: A supportive Sports Bra can prevent sagging of your breasts

Since Sports Bras are designed to restrict breast movement, they are helpful in preventing sagging in the long run. A 30 min to an hour-long home workout every day can do some long-term, irreversible damage if you don’t take proper care. Prevent gravity from doing its job with a Sports Bra that will help your girls stay perky.

Benefit #4: The right gear can improve your technique and enhance your form

In case you are thinking this is a far-fetched idea, it is not! Think about it. A Sports Bra keeps your breasts secure and encapsulated to restrict movement which means you remain upright- an essential for all exercises. If you are secure and upright- you prevent slouching especially while lifting weights and while doing bodyweight exercises. In fact, experts give more importance to correct form than lifting heavier weights. 

Secondly, since the Sports Bra prevents bouncing, there are lesser chances of you getting distracted and losing form. So, whether you are working out at the gym or home, keep your form in check with Zivame Sports Bras.

The same goes for Leggings and Shorts. The right Leggings can restrict excessive jiggling and keep you dry while working out. Similarly, since running Shorts are loose and breezy, they don’t restrict your leg movement and improve your running stance. So, whether you are running on a treadmill or your garden/rooftop- the right gear can improve your efficiency and productivity immensely.

Ladies, include the right Activewear in your exercise routine to get more out of your home workouts. Visit Zivame and check out our Activewear Collection today!

Team Zivame