UncategorizedWhat’s Your Type?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we’ve got a fun gig for you! Are you wondering what your “type” is, but can’t seem to wrap your head around the right answers? While some of us may find smart, funny, quirky, attractive, some others could choose a good sense of humor or even a handsome physique.

There are an infinite number of “types”, and sometimes even a combination of types. We’ve narrowed it down to some of the most popular options! Let’s have some fun, shall we?! 

1. The Supportive and Comfortable Type

Are you someone who values your emotional connection with your partner? Do you find yourself attracted to people who are generally more empathetic, kind, and supportive? Then you’re probably going to fall for the Jim Halpert type – basically, someone who you feel super comfortable to be around. These kinds of people are super easy to talk to and confide in because they are almost always the motivators and supporters!

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2. The Sporty and Athletic Type

If you’re someone who values a healthy lifestyle and fitness, then you may just be interested in someone who is sporty and athletic. The Virat Kohli type is probably someone who loves to take care of themselves as well as the people around them. People who enjoy playing sports or find themselves regularly hitting the gym are also likely to follow a disciplined routine and reach the targets that they set for themselves. 

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3. The Funny and Quirky Type

Looking for a sarcastic comment instead of some advice? Turn to your Chandler Bing! There’s nothing like a funny and quirky partner to go to at the end of a long day because they’ll keep you laughing till your tummy aches. They’re never going to miss the opportunity at a joke (even if it is at your expense), so it’s definitely going to be worth your while. Find some fun and quirky Sleepwear styles from Zivame to sit back and stay cozy in. The Tom and Jerry range, the Looney Tunes range, and the Harry Potter range are just some of the prints you can choose from!

4. The Sassy and Foxy Type 

Imagine someone talking about how time slows down every time you come around. Dreamy right? So is the sassy and foxy type! Just like Rahul Raichand from Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham who smooth-talks his way into Anjali’s life. Not only are they witty and charming, but they have a way about them that you will find absolutely irresistible. While we’re talking about being foxy, you may also want to check out some gorgeous Bralettes, Bodysuits, and Thigh Shapers from Zivame.

5. The Flirty and Cheeky Type

Ever heard of the saying “Flirting is good for your health” and then thought wow, that’s rather saucy? Meet the flirty and cheeky type! If you find yourself attracted to this kind of person, it’s simply because they are attractive! You will most likely find yourself blushing at the things they say and never want to stop listening to all the overflowing compliments. Remember Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, who always had something flirtatious to add? Zivame’s Lounge Shorts Sets, Babydolls, and Lace Bras will do the same to your wardrobe!

6. The Strong and Powerful Type

When you think strong and powerful, you imagine Thor! While initially, this type can come across as vain or arrogant, very soon you will be drawn not just to their physical strength, but also to their courage and bravery. Someone who may not have all those muscles like Thor (although they could definitely be a bonus), but they are bold, honest, and likely to have very strong values. Check out Zivame’s Bold and Sexy types with Strapless, Backless, Pushup, and Pretty Back styles.

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of some of the most popular types, you can explore what your preferences are! It would help to remember that there’s no single perfect type, and more often than not you may find more than one of these traits in combination. That only means that people are multifaceted and you have something extra to cherish about them, so happy loving!

Team Zivame