UncategorizedChill at Home with the Comfy Zivame Shorts Sets


Self-quarantine means being home all day. It is the perfect time to park your high fashion looks and chill-at-home in your favourite PJs! The soaring temperature means you need something cool, breezy and laze worthy. Sounds like it’s time to get your hands on Zivame’s matching Shorts Sets! If you have Netflix & Chill in mind (literally or not ?) or lengthy con-calls, our Shorts Sets are here to give you some buttery-soft company! They have everything you need for the perfect day-in. Comfy fabric, check! Gorgeous colours, check! Cute prints and designs, check! And sizes galore!

Here are some of our top picks to help you chill uninterrupted all day:

Bob & Berry Shorts Set: If you loved Tom & Jerry as a kid, you will love Bob & Berry too. Their playful friendship and shenanigans are printed all over this Shorts Set that comes with a round neck, short-sleeved top and shorts. In fact, it may just remind you of your own besties and we highly recommend you video-call them wearing this cute number! What’s more? This Shorts Set is made of soft, breathable cotton- perfect for summers! Sizes available from XS- 2XL.

Texas Dreaming Shorts Set: Dreaming of a vacation? Slip into this cute cactus print Shorts Set and get instantly transported to the gorgeous Texan landscape. These noodle-strapped top and shorts in baby blue are made of soft, breathable cotton and will keep you cool all day. Sizes available from XS- 2XL.

Bohemian Magic Shorts Set: If you are a girl who loves her pretty flower prints- this Shorts Set is for you! This sunshine yellow Shorts Set has the perfect feminine touch to keep you feeling pretty even when you’re just lazing! Spend your time in this silky soft Shorts Set experimenting with recipes (Nigella style), painting or trying fun DIYs. It is so comfortable, you will love to relax and indulge in your hobbies in it. This set comes with a loose- fit, collared top with matching shorts. Sizes available from XS- 2XL.

Hugged-fit Shorts Set: Are you looking to spice up your day? Quarantine time doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun, right? How about this Shorts Set to your rescue? Yes, we have designed a Shorts Set that is both cool and sexy! This noodle-strap top and shorts will flatter your curves perfectly, feel deliciously soft and make you look like a snack while wearing it! Everybody wins! Sizes available from M- XL.

Ladies, pamper yourself at home around the clock with our buttery soft Shorts Sets that will keep you company no matter what you do!


Team Zivame