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Life isn’t perfect, but your bra can be! Choosing the right bra is essential when putting together a great outfit. A well-fitted bra will give you a better shape, comfort and boost your confidence. On the flip side, a wrong-sized bra can give you a lot of grief. We understand that choosing the perfect bra is a daunting experience; from picking a bra by cup size to wearing a bra that’s too small, we all have made some bra mistakes. It is pretty natural to get confused about how to buy a bra that gives you the best fit. So to help you make the right choice, we have put together some basic details to read up on how to buy a perfect bra.

#1 Know Your Bra Size

Firstly, it is vital to know your correct bra size. A loose bra can give you a sagging look. Likewise, a tight bra can cause a host of health issues, including damage to your breast tissues, severe pain, or skin rashes. If you think your bra doesn’t fit or feel right, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Check out Zivame’s online bra size calculator to find out how to buy the right size bra.

#2 Identify Your Breast Shape

Confused about how to buy a bra that fits right? Fret not! No two women have breasts that look exactly the same. Did you know there are NINE different types of breasts in the world? So quite obviously, the same bra style can’t fit or look the same way on all of us. If you have small breasts and want to enhance your breasts, you might need a Push-Up Bra. Likewise,  if you have heavy breasts, you might need a Full-coverage or Supper Support Bra. Hence, it is important to determine your breast shape to find your perfect bra.

#3 Choose the Right Fabric

When bra shopping, make sure you pay attention to the quality of fabric. A good quality fabric can prevent you from nasty skin rashes. No matter how appealing nylon and spandex fabric bras look, they are a strict no for everyday use. Instead, choose a natural and gentle fabric like cotton for daily use. Cotton fabric is absorbent and has breathable fibers.

#4 Head to a Reputable Store

Many lingerie brands in the market offer a variety of fashionable bras, but they are not necessarily of good quality. Shopping from a reputable store can guarantee you the quality of products and ease your buying process. Zivame is the leading lingerie brand in India that offers fabulous collections of bras. The brand has 28 stores across the country and is still counting. Head to your nearest Zivame store or shop online for their exclusive bra collection.

#5 Plan Your Budget

Before you head shopping for your perfect bra, plan your budget. Have a look at bra shopping tips online to know how to pick a bra in your budget. Setting up a shopping budget can save you from unnecessary spending. Assign a budget for bra shopping and accordingly look out for suitable options as per your budget. 

#6 Choose The Best Style

Have you ever wondered how to shop for a bra that enhances your outfit and offers comfort? Well, my friends, to get a perfect fit, you need to choose the right style. If you want extra cleavage, you might need a Plunge Bra. Likewise, for great support and coverage, you might need a Full-coverage Bra.

#7 Try, Try, Try!

Try before you buy! When shopping for lingerie, it is always better to try it before buying it. Every brand has different size charts. So if you are wondering how to shop for a bra that fits you well, follow the size chart of that brand and don’t be stuck on a particular bra size or style.  

#8 The Move Test

Are you wondering how to shop for bras that fit perfectly? Before you buy that bra, it’s a good idea to do the move test on it. Stretch yourself up and check if your underwires move up. Next, swing your arms back and forth to check how the side wires feel or if you experience any discomfort in your breast. Lastly, bend over and see if your breasts remain securely in the bra.  A Movement test is the best way to understand if the bra is a perfect fit for you or not.

#9 The Fit Test

The first step towards finding the perfect fit bra is running the fit test. All you need to do is calculate your band, bust, or cup size with a measuring tape. A well-fitted bra will lend you perfect support and posture. For a step-by-step guide on how to measure your bra size, refer to  Zivame’s article on how to check if your bra fits right

 FAQs on how to buy a perfect bra 

#1. Which type of bra is best?

Every woman has different breast sizes and shapes. You can choose the best bra fit by using considerations like fabric quality, size, and the shape of your breasts. 

If you have small breasts, then you should wear plunge or push-up bras to enhance your breasts. If you have larger breasts, then you can opt for full-coverage bras to prevent the breasts from bulging out. 

You can also visit your nearest Zivame store or refer to Zivame’s online bra buying guide for recommendations on the right bra for you.

 #2 How often do you buy a bra?

It is generally recommended that you replace your bra every six to nine months, depending on how often it’s worn. For instance, if you’ve been wearing the same two bras repeatedly daily, you’ll need to replace them with the new one much sooner. 

 #3 What are the tips for finding the right bra size?

  1.     If you have an uneven bust size, which is the most common case, consider the measurement of the larger breast.
  2.     Do not measure your breast size with a padded or wired bra on. Measure your breast without clothes to get the most accurate measurements.
  3.     Slip a finger through the gap of your band to make sure it is not too tight or too loose. 

Now that you know how to buy the right bra for you, you can explore our collections online too!

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