UncategorizedTo Wear Or Not To Wear A Bra To Bed!

It’s time to settle this debate once and for all: to wear or not to wear a bra to bed. Old wives’ tales say that it’ll cause your breasts to sag. But Marilyn Monroe said she always wore a bra while sleeping so her breasts wouldn’t sag. We can’t fault her now, can we? All we can say is, it’s time we unravelled this mystery.

Sagging is something we’ll all have to go through as we age. Wearing a bra in the day when we’re upright helps prevent it – mainly because it counters the gravitational pull on your breasts. There is no such issue when you’re horizontal in bed.

It honestly depends on you really, whether you want to, and the type of bra you wear to sleep. A bra with underwires could be uncomfortable if the wire kept poking. Or if the straps are too tight, they could cut-off blood flow and leave red indentations on your skin. To make sure your straps aren’t too tight, check if you can slip two fingers under the bra strap. If you can, then it’s not too tight.

But you can’t deny, the support a bra gives makes sure your breasts aren’t squashed if you’re on to sleep on your tummy. Especially for busty girls! So what we say is, wear a seamless and wireless cotton bra so that it can provide the requisite support while feeling light and airy.

So conclusively, you do you, girl!

Team Zivame