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A bra is a wardrobe essential for every woman. Did you know that the earliest form of bras goes back to ancient Greece when women used to wrap fabrics around their chests? In 1914 came the invention of what we know today as ‘brassieres’. From basic functionality bras to fashion lingerie in the ’70s and the many options available today, brassieres have undergone quite a lot of changes over the decades. Today, women have access to bras that combine functionality with aesthetics. These modifications are also tied to women’s health as well as their confidence.

With so many types of bras to choose from, women often aren’t sure which ones to go for. However, it is not hard to find one for every specific requirement. Explore the full spectrum of what Zivame has to offer when it comes to enhancing, supporting, and simply letting you be you! So, what are the bra options for different activities? Read on!

Comfort Must-Have Bras

Lounging around at home, you want to be comfy in your pajamas, but you also want decent coverage. So, do you resign to the ‘slouching shoulder’ posture or wear a bra that affects your breathing? We say neither! From design to fabric, these at-home bras are created for one prime purpose: comfort. Here are Zivame’s top three comfy bra options:

Comfy Home Bralette

Bralettes draw support from the shoulder and their fabrics are gentle on your skin. They  provide ample coverage and are usually double-layered to prevent nipples from showing. You can also find bralettes with low broad-back bands for maximum support and deep fronts for backless/low-necks.  Find perfect comfy bralettes for home.

Non-Wired Bras

Without the underwire that tends to poke and dig into your skin, non-wired bras are a perfect at-home accompaniment that is comfortable, while providing the necessary support. They also help in accentuating the natural shape of the breasts.  Check out non-wired bras.

Non-padded, non-wired basic bras

With  no padding nor an underwire and nothing to restrict movement, these bras provide optimum flexibility and comfort. And are good enough to sleep in! Explore Zivame’s high-quality non-padded, non-wired basic bras.

Sport Bras

Medium-Impact Sports Bras

These comfortable bras provide the required support needed in light workouts/activities. These types of bras are made of soft fabrics, and the paddings are usually removable. Get your hands on Zivame’s best medium-impact sports bras.

High-Impact Sports Bras

Designed to support your intense workout routines or sports activities, they address two main concerns: 

  1. No bounce; no jiggle.
  2. Instant drying to keep awkward sweat issues at bay, thanks to their moisture-wicking properties.

You’ll find many options in the workout bra category, including  front open bras and broad backs designed for maximum support. Check out our high-impact sports bras now!

Fashion Bras

Bras can make or break your wardrobe. A great outfit worn with the wrong bra can pull down the glam level by a notch or two. However, pairing the right lingerie with your dress enhances the overall look of your outfit. And we have bras for all types of fashionable clothing.

Stick-on bras

These strapless, backless bras simply stick to your skin. Sans the back clasp, they are ideal for any off-shoulder/backless dress/tops. Stick-on bras are especially designed for plunging necklines and can help avoid wardrobe malfunctions while flaunting your cleavage. Check out our range of stick-on bras here.

Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are for when you want to wear off-shoulder, halter tops, low back, and backless dresses.  Bandeau bra, aka tube bra,  is a type of strapless bra. Without straps, the band is solely supporting the breasts. So, go for a properly designed strapless bra with broadband for the best support and fit. Explore Zivame’s strapless bra options.

Transparent Back Bras

These bras with transparent straps  give the support and shape that your breasts need while not interfering with your backless outfits. Transparent bras are also perfect for ethnic wear, such as sarees. Check out our delicious range of transparent back bras.

Pretty Back Bras

Besides support and comfort, these bras have backs so appealing that you’d love to show it off.  From leisurewear, t-shirt bras, bralette to push-up bras, pretty back designs are available in several forms and materials. Explore pretty back bras.

Bras for Office Wear

Prioritising both comfort and looks, these bras enable you to achieve an appearance that’s seamless and flattering. These bras have soft, moulded cups for comfort and an excellent 3/4th coverage to avoid spillage.

T-shirt Bras

Giving a seamless look and well-defined shape to your breasts, T-shirt bras are one of the best options for office and daily wear. Even the non-padded ones are thick enough to hide nipple show-throughs. Do check out the fun T-shirt bra collection from Zivame; one of these is bound to catch your eye.

Push-up Bras

Push-up bras give moderate lift accentuating your cleavage, making the breasts look fuller. They are great options to give volume to smaller busts. And it’s not true that women with bigger breasts should stay away from push-up bras, there’s one for every size.  Get your push-up bra now!

Now you know the different kinds of bras available for various activities. Going  bra-shopping? Look no further,  head to Zivame and check out all the fantastic fits and styles in store for you.

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