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A perfectly fitted daily wear bra can be the key to your comfort and confidence. So, it is very important for you to be well-aware of the various bra styles meant to be worn with a particular type or genre of outfits. Imagine wearing a loose bra with a bodycon dress – it’d lack a proper shape and support. On the contrary, wearing a bra that’s too tight will wear out fast and restrict your movement.  You must also remember that an ill-fitting bra isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also have an adverse impact on your health. A regular wear bra that does not give you the right fit and support can lead you to suffering from an irreversible neck, back and shoulder pain. So, when it comes to purchasing a bra for daily use, you simply cannot compromise on the right style, the right fit and the right support. The following checklist shall help you make an informed decision.

Bra Styles for Kurtis

Seamless Bras can be your best bet when taking your favourite Kurtis out for a spin. All that desi swag shouldn’t be ruined with those ugly edgy seams peeking through your outfit, right? Moreover, you also need the right cover-up to avoid unwanted nipple-show, and achieve a smooth and invisible look underneath your clothes. Seamless Bras swear by providing you with just that! Apart from a neat and smooth bust profile, the moulded cups of an incredible versatile Seamless also ensure that you get the right shape and support. As a comfortable alternative to an underwire bra, this regular wear bra style has lately gained immense popularity among women across all ages. You can wear them for long hours absolutely hassle-free!

Bra for Kurti

Bra Styles for T-Shirts

T-shirt Bras are a great fit for T-shirts but you must also know that they aren’t just meant for T-shirts! They lay the very foundation of comfortable everyday wear. Wear them with your casual tops or jerseys, a T-shirt Bra is going to work wonders for you even then. They come with seamless, moulded cups which provide a very natural rounded shape under your T-shirts, shirts and dresses. They also come in both wired and underwired styles. So, you have the flexibility to pick a choice depending on what you need. Make sure you grab quite a few from among these because this particular bra style for daily wear can be a part of your everyday wardrobe – at work, dinners, chores, everything!

Bra for T shirts

Bra Styles for Sarees

Sarees instantly add an element of grace, oomph and elegance to your personality. So, you have to be extra cautious when choosing a bra style to be worn with a saree. It can either make your bust look well-shaped and sculpted or can totally mess up your overall appearance. Imagine wearing a low-back blouse at a party and your bra closure peeking from under! Or spending the whole time trying to adjust your bra straps because they simply do not behave underneath your sleeveless blouse! These are some of the very many reasons why you should switch to wearing the right bra with a particular style of saree-blouse. To start with, opt for Backless Bras if you are wearing a low-back blouse or a backless choli. If you are looking for a gentle push and lift under your blouse, replace your regular bra with a Push-up Bra. Trust in Strapless Bras when you are wearing a sleeveless or a narrow sleeve blouse. Lastly, if comfort and style in a bra is your ultimate need, get your hands on Zivame’s stylish and functional Blouze Bras – a bra style that features a revolutionary culmination of a blouse and a bra, all in one place. Remember ladies, if you are a saree lover, you must include all these types of bra for daily wear collection. Thank us later!

Saree Bra

Bra Styles for Sports

All you sport enthusiasts, whether working out or not, you must have a Sports Bra in your arsenal. A Sports Bra is a popular daily wear bra style that helps your breasts stay put when you’re sweating it out or heading out for some quick errands. You can choose a Sports Bra for yourself depending on its impact levels – High, Medium and Low. High-Impact Sports Bras are best-suited for high intensity workouts whereas Medium and Low-Impact Sports Bras can be worn for yoga sessions, cycling and walking routines. You can also include this ultra-cool bra style in your day-to-day fashion regime if you love Athleisure as much as we do. A racerback Sports Bra teamed with a pair of Leggings and a bomber jacket can be a head-turning outfit for those fun movie dates and brunch meetings.

Sports Bra

So, what are you waiting for? Explore some of the most loved daily wear bra styles at Zivame and indulge in some quick retail therapy!

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