UncategorizedEverything You Wanted To Know About Wired Bras

Who doesn’t want a desirable looking bosom? We all do! But at some or the other time we have all dealt with the dreaded ‘Uniboob’ situation. It’s uncomfortable and makes your girls look like one single unit that has no real shape. As a result, your most flattering and expensive outfits could look shabby and make you look unshapely. If you wish to look on-point every time, our number one advice is to invest in the correct lingerie, size-wise and style-wise.

Uniboob correction has a simple and effective answer- Wired Bra! We are sure you know of or have tried the famous Underwired or Wired Bra. The Wired Bra design traces its origin to the 18th century corset, though its latest version has evolved into a comfortable Bra that is perfect for shaping, sculpting and supporting your breasts.

So, what exactly is a Wired Bra? Here is a little ‘gyan session’:

The Wired Bra features a semi-circular wire that runs from the centre gore of the Bra, around your under-bust up to your armpits. Your breast tissues are encompassed within this wired frame, bringing the breast weight to the centre, giving them a rounder and more desirable shape. One important thing to keep in mind is that the centre gore must always lay comfortably flat against your breast bone and the wires must fully encompass your breast tissue. This design is super effective in enhancing your natural breast shape, supporting your breasts and eliminating the dreaded ‘Uniboob’ look.

Now, you may be wondering that if Wired Bras are so effective, then why do so many women avoid wearing them? The answer is simple. It’s because they are wearing the wrong size! Yes! If you are wearing the right sized Wired Bra you will feel comfortable, supported and shapely. If not, you will experience digging, poking and tightness around your chest. A size too small will feel almost like wearing a straight jacket! You will notice angry red marks and chafing around your breast bone, breasts spilling out of the wire frame and general discomfort.

This problem can be easily tackled. While getting fitted for a Wired Bra or any Bra for that matter it is extremely important to know your most current size (breast sizes change with age and health conditions). At Zivame, you can find your correct breast size with a click of a button. Just log on to our website and use our FITCODE technology to know your correct size and find the best suited Bras for yourself.

Once you have found the perfect Wired Bra, just go for it! There are so many advantages of wearing one that are not discussed enough. For starters, if you have fuller breasts, you are going to love it. The Wired Bra gives your breasts gentle lift and support which in turn relieves the pressure off your shoulders and back. So, get ready to say good-bye to shoulder and back pain! Of course, the separated breasts will make you look more in-shape and less top heavy. So, bye-bye to Uniboob as well!

In general, the Wired Bra celebrates your natural breast shape and moulds it to look beautifully contoured and gives you incredible support. What’s not to love? Just ensure you have the right size and you are gold!

Wired Bras come in many different styles like the T-shirt Bra, Demi- cup Wired Bra, No-Sag Wired Bra, Strapless Wired Bra and so on. You can pair this incredible Bra with T-shirts, Kurtis, Salwar Kameez, Sarees, Dresses and any other outfit of your choice.

Embrace the Wired Bra if you wish for an incredible breast shape, lift and support. Head to Zivame to shop from a wide variety of Wired Bras of different sizes, colours and designs. 


Team Zivame