UncategorizedBored at home? Try these things with your family

If there is anything positive about the current situation, it is all the extra family time we are getting together, isn’t it? From leading hectic lives, we finally have enough time to actually spend time with our loved ones. Make the most of it by making memories you and your folks will cherish forever. There are so many family-friendly activities that can be done at home that are fun and bring everyone together.

So what if your group Yoga classes are a no-go? Make your own family group! Set up your Yoga class in the balcony (fresh air…yay!) or the living room if you need video instructions. Light an incense stick to get everyone in the zone. Follow video instructions (if you are beginners) or let everyone follow their own personal practice. What’s important is togetherness! End your session with a group chanting session! These amazingly comfortable Leggings (incredible stretch), Sports Bra (keeps you secure & bounce-free) and Tee (keeps you dry) make the perfect trio for an invigorating Yoga session!

They say that a family that eats together, stays together. There is no better way to celebrate togetherness than to spend time cooking and eating together! If you have been living away from your family (for college or work) this is the perfect time to learn all the yummy secret family recipes. How about Chai-Pakora to begin with? Since monsoons are here, sipping piping hot Chai and eating crunchy Pakoras sounds like the perfect plan! Get your recipe book ready, involve your family in the prep and enjoy your evening gorging on lip-smacking Pakora and Chai! We can already envision you enjoying the rain and the treats in this super comfortable cotton Capri Set!

Another great family time idea is Gardening! Plants are great for keeping your environment green and clean. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with a green thumb. So, get your folks together for a gardening lesson/session. How about starting a little herb garden together? It’s a cool outdoor activity (in the safety of your own home) that doesn’t need too much space and the results are yummy and healthy! Experiment with growing coriander, mint, basil, and lemongrass in your own balcony. If your folks are not big gardeners, educate yourselves as a group with YouTube videos and start your adventure together. Slip into this cool, loose-fit Top and these Shorts and get ready to get your hands dirty!

Another great way to chill with your family is to get everyone together for good old board/card games. Relive your childhood days with games like Snakes & Ladder, Ludo, Uno, Carrom, Chess, Monopoly, Pictionary and more. Even a night of ‘Antakshari’ and Dumb Charades is a lot of fun! Remember Deewane, Parwane, Mastane? Those indeed were the best days! Slip into your favourite Jammies just like old times and cherish this walk down memory lane forever.

Family movie nights are always fun. For now, multiplexes are out and movies at home are in! Prep a big bowl of popcorn, whip up some cool mocktails and catch the latest Netflix releases or relive the old Bollywood dramas with your family. Curl up on your favourite couch in this buttery soft Nightdress for  a night of yummy food, fun movies, and great company!

Ladies, try these fun family time activities and do it in comfort and style! Head to Zivame and bring home the coolest, trendiest and the most comfortable Loungewear today! 

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