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Zivame’s Fitcode is everything you need to help you find the best-fitting bra. The right fit, fits just right! Gone are the days when you had to combat bra problems like poking, digging, spilling, loose straps and tight bands by “adjusting” to a one-size-fits-all scenario. With the Fitcode in the picture, you can get the best-fitting bra for every size and profile!

How it works –

There are two parameters to the Fitcode when it comes to achieving the right fit – the right size and the breast profile. Two women wearing the same-sized bra can have entirely different breast profiles! That’s why it’s important to identify your size and profile before you embark on finding the right fit.

It’s time to bid farewell to your ill-fitting bras because Zivame’s Fitcode has your back! 

1) Fit the pain away


Trying to swerve through a day wearing the wrong-sized bra can be a hassle. Whether you’re sneakily fixing it and hoping no one really notices, or tucking away to keep adjusting it each time it causes a problem, it’s just a no-can’t-do. Get rid of bra problems that constantly force you to adjust and readjust your straps or bands! There’s no room for these bra problems, so start by identifying what they are –

  • Spillage: refers to the excess breast tissues that spill out of your bra cups, either from the top or the sides.
  • Gaping: refers to the extra gap or space between the top of your breasts and the bra you are wearing.
  • Poking or digging: Bra straps too tight? Bands running up? That has to be the definition of discomfort, second only to perhaps chafing or a heat rash. When you begin to notice tight straps or bands leaving behind a mark under your busts or your shoulders, it’s time to change your bra!

2) Get the right fit

  • Breast fullness:

You may have a well-rounded shape at the top or a shallow (sloped) breast shape. Based on how full or shallow your breast is, you need to choose a bra that fits right to avoid either spillage or gaping.

  • Breast firmness:

The firmness of the breasts refers to how perky, firm or tight your breast tissues are. Based on whether your breast profile is firm or settled, you need to choose a bra that lets your profile sit comfortably. The firmness of your breasts will help you understand the most suitable cup size for you.

  • Breast separation:

The cleavage space refers to the area between your breasts. Based on whether your breasts are closed set or wide set, you can find a bra that supports your profile and lets you breathe, without any gaping at the front.

3) My fit machine


More often than not, you may be able to navigate the world of ‘finding the right fit’ when it comes to your cup size. Then why do you need the Fitcode? The Fitcode offers you a personalized and customized fit that takes into account more than just the right cup. Let’s say you have a teardrop breast shape that droops downward. Your profile will need a bra that is made of no-stretch cups. This prevents any jiggle or bounce that may hold you back. With the Fitcode in your life, your bra really gets you!

4) Pump your fit up


Did you know your cup size changes every 6 months? From shape to size and profile, the changes may be minute. Ignoring those creepy DMs? Yes, for sure. But ignoring these simple changes? Maybe not the best idea. Be smart about it and pick up a new style at least once every 6 months so that you have never compromise on fit and comfort!

It’ll take less than a hot minute to get the right bra size with Zivame’s Fitcode. Simply answer a few questions, and we’ll tell you your current size and breast type while recommending products that are best for you!

Heidi Thomas

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!