UncategorizedFood for Gut: Superfoods that work in tandem with your tummy

Food for Gut: Superfoods that work in tandem with your tummy

Gut health

The weather’s changing colours like a chameleon! One day the heat is beating down on us and the very next, it’s the onset of monsoon. How do we keep up, especially with our gut health? We’re guilty of not giving it much thought, but in this blog, we provide you food for thought about staying fit this season. Read on for food and vitamins that help your gut health, in turbulent weather changes!

Fibrous food

Everyone reaches for Fibrous foods when it comes to gut health. “Constipation? Eat fibrous food”, “Indigestion? You need fibre.” And these suggestions don’t JUST come from your docs, amirite! Unless you have a special aversion to it, fibrous food is your intestines’ favourite meal. Whole grain pasta, chapati, beans, bran (oats and wheat) etc. absorb water. They help in digesting food better and keeping your tummy clean. This is especially important during monsoon, so if you do ingest any minor bacteria, you’ll pass them! But of course, if it’s persistent, consult with a specialist.

Antioxidants, Vitamin C & Inflammation

Monsoon means snuggling up with fried treats and eating roadside pakode like there’s no tomorrow. But there IS a tomorrow when these foods you love, end up causing inflammation in your body and worsen gastrointestinal conditions. Anti-inflammatory foods with vitamin C and antioxidants like flax seeds, berries, and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, help cool it down. 

Vitamin C has been believed to be a true-blue friend of your immune system since the dawn of time. But it also has another fun benefit for your gut! Vitamin C helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, right? How does that relate to digestion? Properly chewed food is easier to break down and gets digested properly. So, there you go, protect your pearly whites, people!

Pro & Prebiotics

It’s all about the tiny organisms, you know? The good bacteria that keep your gut healthy are your frens. Eating probiotic foods (yogurt, kimchi and other fermented food) help boost the population of the good bacteria in your tummy. While prebiotic foods (oats, garlic, onions, etc.) help keep them alive and kicking! Think of prebiotics as a health-promoting food for them, who in turn keep you healthy. It’s a two-way street here!

Gut health

Oh and here’s one other major shield – Sanitiser! Sanitising equipment keeps ALL kinds of bacteria at bay (not just the virus that shall not be named!). So, shield up at Zivame, and make sure your hands, toilet seats and other surfaces are sanitised. 

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