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Night routines TV shows that CLICK!

Night routines

We love, love, LOVE a perfect night routine, don’t we? What if we told you, yours can be based on your favourite shows? Splendid! Below are three different genres of shows with PJs and night routines that blend seamlessly into each other. Now, if you’ve already watched these (we can be besties if you have!) feel free to find others in the same genre!

Whatcha waiting for? Find your type, shop for the right PJs on Zivame and sort out your low-key weekend plans!

Ladies & Duchesses

Girlies, you don’t have to be content with only building castles in the air (quite literally!) about a certain royal at one elegant era in time. Why not build a skincare night routine that rivals the ages. First off, a luxuriant bath, the only one with the power to cleanse your palate from the day. Follow it up with toning and moisturising, not to forget an elegant braid that safekeeps your hair.

Light a few candles, don a pretty little nightie – choose from silken Zivame babydolls to nightgowns with frills – and dress for bed as Lady Mary would. Then call for a nightcap and immerse yourself in the world of teas, abbeys, ball gowns while binging Downton Abbey until you’re living in its grandiose! Good golly, we hear the theme playing already!

Night routine

Not a stranger to the thrills

Now, not everyone craves a castle, some look forward to slaying Demogorgons in the Upside Down – and we STAN! So, all YOU Nancy Wheelers and Robin Buckleys, get your spiky cricket bats and popcorn! But wait, the nail-biting suspense may just be too thrilling to go through elaborate night routines, so, let’s make it super quick. Even time yourself for added motivation! Brush your teeth, shower, moisturise – hygiene being the sole intent – and get into comfy PJ sets. That’s IT!

Eleven who? The real superhero is you who’s finished a whole night routine in 30 mins! Fair warning though, selecting one pair from the myriad of prints, styles and fabrics at Zivame may take some time. Pull up the covers, bite into candies (not nails) and watch the horror unfold! PS. Get tissues too. That’s all we’ll say!

Night routine

No office, just weekend things

None of the above? No worries. Sometimes, we just want to eat pizza in bed and lose ourselves in a light-hearted comedy. And guess what, you can do JUST that! This is your night and whatever you want to do becomes your routine. Shower away every last care you have of the world – or not, your call! Skip the cooking, order in! And if you thought this is the best part, what comes next is even more satisfying. Eating dinner in bed and leaving the dishes as tomorrow’s problem!

The motto? Just comfort and comedy; 2 things that go together, brilliantly! In this scenario – mix and match PJs, and The Office. Can’t you imagine it? It’s a lazy Saturday, you’re snug in your bed, wrapped in a super-soft pair of shorts and a fun T-shirt. Eating just about anything you want – oh did we mention, in bed? To top it all, Dwight Shrute, Assistant to the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton is on your screen! Need we say more?

Night routine

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