Handpicked CollectionsZoom In: With the Natural Collective, You Grow Girl!

Zoom In: With the Natural Collective, You Grow Girl!

You can see it happen right in front of your eyes – the magic of nature! With the eco-friendly Natural Collective, you’re one step closer to embracing the benefits of nature. Crafted with a blend of 95% bamboo and cotton, this lingerie collection works with natural materials that are good for both the environment AND your skin!

Do your bit for a greener world as you bring nature closer to you. 

You + Bamboo = ChemisTREE – So let’s Zoom In to this Z-Style!


The Natural Collective is crafted from bamboo. What does that do for you? Well, it’s naturally thermo-regulating, so it keeps sweat at bay. It comes with anti-bacterial properties, so you’re guaranteed comfort and an extra skip in your step all day!

Colours & Hues

Painted in fresh earthy hues, the Natural Collective comes in smooth colours like Grenadine, Nutmeg and Blue Depth.

Detailing & Microtrends

That this collection embodies an environmentally conscious mindset, is established. But, these extra soft bras are also ideal for every day with low-stretch cups and gorgeous ruched shoulder straps. That means you get to say NO to all unwanted wiggles and bounces!

Styles & Sizes

The Natural Collective comes as padded and non-wired bras in the T-shirt bra style! They’re also available in True Curv sizes up to 44E. That’s right, no one gets left behind as we begin a new journey towards nature-friendly products!

The collection also has matching briefs to boot in the Hipster Panties and Boyshorts so you experience maximum comfort in underwear styles including Hipster Panties and Boyshort Panties.

Who said being environmentally conscious couldn’t be both fashion-forward and comfortable?

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