All About FitIf Your Strapless Bra Doesn’t Work, Here’s Why!

If Your Strapless Bra Doesn’t Work, Here’s Why!

Zivame Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are both a boon and a bane! Or so most women say! If you’re always struggling to get that strapless bra to stay put, and it just WON’T listen to you, there may be a simple reason. Read on to find out!

Constantly Keeps Slipping?
It’s probably ‘cos your bra band is too loose! Next time you wear a strapless bra under that gorgeous off-shoulder outfit, keep in mind to hook it on tight, preferably on the innermost hook! And if that doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to get fitted again!

Women Hooking Zivame Strapless Bra


Doesn’t Stay Where It’s Put?
We know how embarrassing it can be to adjust your bra, in public! If the cups don’t stay in place, then your bra isn’t working for you! Try styles that have silicone lining along the edges to ensure the bra holds up and doesn’t twist around your bust! And here’s an expert tip: skip the lotion if you don’t want the bra to slip!

Strapless Bra Problems


Doesn’t Give You The Support You Need?
You may not want the straps, but you do want the support they provide! And if you take them away, your strapless bra needs something to compensate. Here’s what we suggest: opt for underwired strapless bras that give a gentle lift and support the weight of your bust. You could also choose styles with a broad bottom band and wide wings for extra support.

Holding up A Zivame Strapless Bra


Curves Over Your Breast?
Gapping between the cup and breast is possible if you’re a petite size. What you need is a push-up strapless bra! The added volume inside the cups gives a fuller look. Make sure the bra has silicone edges and is underwired to minimize the risk of the bra going south!

Struggling with strapless bras?


Causing Spillage?
If your spilling out over the top of the cups, there’s only one thing to do – get your bra size measured again. You probably need to go up a cup size or opt for a full-coverage style that encapsulates the breast completely.

Get Measured At Zivame


And don’t forget, every bra has an average shelf life of 6 months, so if your strapless bras aren’t keeping you happy, it’s probably time to replace them!


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