LifestyleZivame’s Lingerie Revolution: Where Innovation Meets Comfort
Zivame's Innovation

Picture this: you’re standing in front of your overflowing lingerie drawer and every bra that grabs your eye is a reminder of the discomfort from the last time you wore them! The struggle is real, and we know it. That’s why every new collection is infused with an innovation that is a combined effort of great design and the latest tech which makes buying and wearing the new style a delightful and comfortable experience.

While solving lingerie woes for the unique Indian woman, we have captured the hearts (and curves) of women with a little dash of magic. Let’s deep dive into the world of innovation that Zivame has created with game-changing products to revolutionise the lingerie game.

The Miracle Bra: Unveiling the Magic!

Zivame's Innovation: Miracle Bra

If you’re looking for that bra that does not make you want to take ‘em off and launchpad them across the room right after you enter the door, then look no further. The Zivame Miracle Bra is ever-so-versatile and the ultimate saviour for women seeking around-the-clock support. This ingenious creation with convertible straps and a four-way stretch is engineered with elastane blended fabric for stretch & shape retention to create a flawless and seamless silhouette.

The Wonderwire Bra: A Revolution in Wired Bra!

Zivame Innovation: Wonderwire Bra

Ah, the notorious underwire. While it offers support, it often comes at the cost of discomfort. But, bid it goodbye because Zivame has waved its wand for the Wonderwire Bra!

Designed with a non-metal flexible underwire embedded in the cup which takes the shape of the breasts, the Zivame Wonderwire Bra gives excellent support minus the poke and pinch of the regular underwire. The bra also features ¾th coverage cups, bonded straps, and wings with 0 elastic to give proper coverage, shape, and optimal lift leaving you feeling fabulous all day. 

The Marshmallow Collection: Comfort That’s a Treat!

Zivame's Innovation: Marshmallow Collection

Who doesn’t love marshmallows? Think light and fluffy with Zivame’s new Marshmallow Collection that you can absolutely sink into. Taking comfort to a whole new level it envelopes you in a heavenly cloud of buttery softness. Picture yourself wrapped in the cosy embrace of a marshmallow, and feel the lightest bra in the country. 

Crafted with brushed nylon fabric, and adorned with delicate lace detailing, the Marshmallow Collection is an innovation that combines elegance with ultimate comfort. Prepare to feel like you’re floating on a cloud, literally with this butter-soft range that has cups made of lightweight foam with a creamy fabric on the inside. 


Every new Z collection is designed to make you feel comfortable, confident, and gorgeous. So, no sacrificing comfort or struggling to find the perfect fit.  Join the Z revolution, embrace the miracles, and wave bye-bye to pokey wires, bulky pads, and bras that ride up. 

With us, you can have it all – style, support, and the confidence to conquer the world, one fabulous intimate style at a time.