UncategorizedIntroducing the Layering Collection- Slips, Skirts & Shorts to Layer Under Any Outfit!

Every time you get a sheer georgette kurta, a flowy chiffon dress or a breezy kaftan you probably have a few concerns- is it too out there? Am I showing too much skin? Is my slip peeking through? These are classic problems we all deal with. And so, we are always looking for the perfect innerwear hoping it would sit under these outfits well. Instead, we get innerwear that is either too long or too short, not discreet enough or hardly ever matches with our outfits.

Well, those days are now over! Our designers have heard your concerns and created the perfect Layerings for all possible outfits! Let us introduce you to our brand-new Layering collection that features a variety of Slips, Skirts and Shorts in different lengths and colours. From short dresses to knee-length kurtas and maxi dresses- we have you covered! Literally!

First, let’s talk about Layering Slips. You may be familiar with spaghetti innerwear and chemise; Layering Slips are similar but elevated! They take the innerwear concept to another level altogether. This collection has an excellent mix of different length slips so all your Layering concerns are taken care of. 

The collection features the Kurta Slip, Knee-Length Slip, and the Maxi Slip. Not one, but three! Concerned about short kurtas? Check. Want to layer a knee-length kaftan? Check! Looking for a slip to wear under a midi dress? Check! It’s simply amazing! Here’s how they are different:

The Kurta Slip is designed for layering under short kurtas, shirts and tunics that are mid-length and end above your knees. It features a high side slit design so you don’t have to worry about it being visible from the sides of your outfit. Phew! Such a relief! 

The Knee-Length Slip is for layering under knee-length outfits like dresses, kaftans and Kurtis but sans the side slit. It features a J-hook that can be worn in a criss-cross style under any racerback outfit. We just love its style and versatility

The Maxi Slip is designed to layer under maxi dresses, calf-length skirts, midi-skirts and any other sheer outfits that suit the length. This slip length is hard to find anywhere else but at Zivame all your concerns are taken care of!

All three slips have been designed with a scoop-neck so they layer well under outfits that have a boat neck, Chinese collar or a V-neck without ever making an inappropriate appearance. They layer beautifully under sheer fabrics like georgette, chiffon and organza giving body and structure to the whole look.

Slips aside, let’s discuss skirts! You may be itching to try out the light and breezy skirts and dresses that look so good during summers. But you may not know that those light fabrics tend to cling to your body. While they may look pretty, they can be uncomfortable to wear. But don’t worry, we have the solution to your problem! Layering Skirts! Just wear it under your regular skirt and see the difference it brings to the fit and fall of your skirt!

Our Layering Skirts are available in two lengths. The Knee-Length Layering Skirt is meant for short dresses and the Long Layering Skirt is for maxi dresses and long skirts. These Layering Skirts sit perfectly under light/sheer fabric outfits and give you that desirable smooth look. Both Layering Skirts feature a back slit for ease of movement. So, you can hop, skip and jump without any problems!

This revolutionary collection also features Layering Shorts. These are fitted shorts that end just above your knees. They are very useful while wearing outfits like overlap skirts that may show off more skin than intended because of their unique design. Rest assured, there will be no ‘peek-a-boo’ moments while wearing these shorts. They are extremely comfortable and make sheer/light fabric short dresses and skirts easy to wear.

In case you are wondering if all these Layerings can be worn around the year…the answer is yes! The entire Layering collection is made from cotton lycra fabric so it can be worn in different seasons comfortably. The collection is available in skin and black colours so they can be worn under a variety of different coloured outfits as well.

Having so many options in Layerings means you don’t have to compromise with your style. Introduce sheer/light fabrics to your wardrobe with confidence. Head to Zivame and start Layering today!

Team Zivame