Uncategorized9 *MUST-HAVE* Accessories That Will Never Go Out Of Style!

Accessories can make or break your look, it’s true! Even the drabbest of outfits can be spruced up with the right kind of add-ons. But if you’re not one to stock up on the most popular trending accessories, what you need is a good mix of classic pieces that! Trust me, it’s a good investment, ‘cos they will never go out of style! Here’s what to you can buy next!

A Stunning String Of Pearls
An evergreen style, a pearl necklace can instantly add some sophistication to your look. Wear it with a business suit or even a little black dress – this neckpiece will lend a classy yet understated edge to your outfit.


Diamonds – A Woman’s Best Friend
There’s a reason diamonds are so cherished – after all, even the smallest pair of diamond studs can instantly elevate your look. Style them with workwear or casualwear – these beauties never fail to make a statement.


A Knotty Little Scarf
You can use this chic piece of accessory to layer your look and uplift the mood. Choose ones which are 100% silk or cotton because these are breathable fabrics. Wrap it around your neck, head or handbag for a sophisticated style. Colour block your outfit with bright scarves or opt for the print-on-print trend to spruce up your look.


A Stylish Pair Of Sunglasses
A good pair of sunglasses that accentuates your facial features and flatters your look is a must-have. It’s best to invest in one quality pair of sunnies rather than stocking up on cheap and trendy ones. Choose from aviators or rounded Lennon-frames; or perhaps oversized ones or even cat-eyed frames.


A Timeless Time-Keeper
I’m talking about a classic watch. What’s your pick – leather straps or metallic ones? I say get one of each – wear the metallic when you want some bling, and keep the leather strap one for a more mature style!


All-weather Ankle Boots
Footwear trends keep changing every season. Sometimes wedges will make the most noise and sometimes gladiator sandals will arrest every fashionista’s attention. But what will always stay in style is a pair of black ankle boots. Invest in a pair that is comfy and classy; you won’t regret the decision!


A Good-old Beret
If you want that chic Parisian style, a beret is what you need. Wear it with a printed dress or a plain white tee and boyfriend jeans and watch how this hat instantly adds some glam to your style. PS: It’s a great cover up on those days when you haven’t had time for a hair wash!


The Racy Red Lipstick
This is more of a makeup suggestion, but a strong red lip can be equal to any stylish accessory. A matte red lip colour can be worn with any dress, any look and at any time of the day, such is the versatility of this shade. Invest in a good brand that suits your skin tone and that’s enough to add a pop of colour to your look!


A Sensible Black Pantyhose
Be it patterned or plain, a sheer black pantyhose is a necessity. Wear it to work under a sheath dress or team it up with a cute skirt for a casual evening. This accessory will fashionably sail you through every season.

Now that you’ve got your list of accessories, how about giving your wardrobe a makeover too?



Team Zivame