UncategorizedAwkward Situations Women Face While Lingerie Shopping

Ever gone to a lingerie store and fumbled around trying to explain to the salesperson about what kind of styles you’re looking for? Or looked around to see if you can point to what you came in search of, instead of saying it out loud? You’re not alone! Whether it’s the frustration of not finding your right size or the lack of guidance, we can relate to it all.

So we decided to turn these complaints into comics (that need to be taken with a pinch of salt), to remind you to rethink the way you go about your lingerie shopping.

Ever wanted to shop something fancy for those oh-so-special moments but felt those judgemental eyes following you around?

We’re all familiar with the rituals performed prior to trying out new lingerie. All the Whatsapp forwards with hacks to check for hidden cameras, are put to good use.

Also, have you been dreaming of lace, luxurious fabric, satin finish or pretty back bras? Well, they can remain just dreams!

If we had a dollar for everytime someone recommended the wrong bra size to us, we could afford a private designer to devise something exclusively for us.

Never got the freedom to choose that bralette or demi-cup bra with your interrogative mother around, did you?


32A? “Too small, rare stocks”
36D? “Big size, madam!”
34C? “Oh, too common! Fast moving pieces”

But don’t worry! Zivame to the rescue. Shop on our website or studios for an elevated lingerie shopping experience. Let’s bury the memories of awkward shopping episodes with our worries now, shall we?

Illustration courtesy: Alicia Souza


Team Zivame