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Diary Entry: Valentines Week

Dear Diary,

There has been enough heartbreak. It’s time. I’m breaking up. Just when I thought I was protected and had a ‘partner in crime’ for life- I was stood up. We were so in love; I always kept ‘my precious’ close to my heart. Heck! I even introduced the ‘love of my life’ to all my girlfriends! But for what? To have my trust broken? To be poked when I was down? To feel unsupported when I wanted it the most? Alas! That is exactly what happened. And you know what? I have realised it is time to move on. To something special. A relationship of trust, love, care and comfort.

Yes, dear diary, I’m finally leaving my shabby old Bra behind and moving on to my perfect match I found in Zivame! You know how they show ‘meet cutes’ in the movies? It is a bright sunny day, flowers in full bloom and the love of your life is shining in a room full of people? It was exactly like that! This is my ‘Jab We Met’ story!

I walked into the Zivame store and there it was- my DreamBra covered in beautiful florals, shining bright like a thousand suns! And then…I wore it! It was something I hadn’t felt in 20 something years. The butterflies, the joy, the comfort! Right then I knew, I had met my perfect match!

And just as I was coming to terms with my new love- I was introduced to its many friends! I was in heaven! For starters, I found other Bras for every possible occasion! Blouse for a ‘Shaadi’? check!

Sports Bra? Check!

Hate Bras but have to wear one? That calls for a miracle! Sexy bralette? Check! It was like I had made friends for life!

And that’s not all! I found the most comfortable Sleepwear (bye-bye frumpy old T-shirt & shorts), Shapewear (it’s time to stop sucking in my tummy!), Activewear (Cute gym wear that can be worn outside! Genius!)

To Zivame who showed me what love is, I just want to say one thing- ‘Tujhe Dekha to Yeh Jana Sanam, Pyaar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam…!’ Yes, I have become a total ‘Deewana’ of the Zivame Collection, and I’m standing with my arms wide open (Bollywood style ?) to accept all the love!

That’s all for now dear diary, this is my ‘Jab We Met’ story. It is the perfect ‘meet cute’! May my love continue to flourish and may every girl get to experience a love that is this pure, unconditional and supportive!


A girl who finally found her perfect match!

Team Zivame