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    UncategorizedFinding Bras to Match Skin Tone – Brown is Brown is Brown, No?

    Finding Bras to Match Skin Tone – Brown is Brown is Brown, No?

    We all come in different colours, shapes and sizes. And thank goodness for that! How dull a world it would be where all of us are the same. Anyway, I’m digressing.

    With all of us having such beautifully varied skin tones, we need need underwear that is as varied too. Why you ask?

    ‘Cos when choosing a nude coloured bra or panty, it is best to pick one that is closest to your skin tone. This way, it blends against your skin and won’t be visible under light coloured outfits.

    But with all of us having such beautifully varying shades and hues, does one ‘nude’ colour fit all? Well no, but we’ve got you sorted. For we’ve got styles to match every skin tone!

    Check out our selection of nude-toned bras from our extensive range that we’ve sorted for you, from pale or porcelain skin tones to a rich ebony…

    Bras For Pale Skin Tones


    Bras For Medium Tans


    Bras For Dark To Ebony Tans

    So, if it’s undercover/stealth lingerie you need, head on over to Zivame and pick out pieces that are an exact match for you.

    GUEST WRITER | Smita is skeptical about girls loving pink, and boys loving blue. She loves a good laugh, great food, the company of friends and the crisp cool mountain air!

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