UncategorizedPantyhose- A 2020 Hosiery Essential!

A last-minute party invite sending you into a tizzy? No time to shave your legs? You know what is a fantastic fix? Pantyhose, girl! Pantyhose has been worn by women for decades to achieve flawless legs. In case you are wondering what exactly a Pantyhose is, it is a hosiery garment (thin nylon tights) much like stockings that you can wear like pants. Yes! It goes all the way up! It is a must-have every woman needs in her wardrobe! Similar to stockings, Pantyhose is available in varying degrees of thickness (sheer, medium, opaque) and a multitude of designs and colours.

Here are some more reasons why a Pantyhose is an absolute wardrobe essential:

You know, how a good foundation blurs out our facial imperfections and helps us look perfect? Think of a sheer Pantyhose like foundation, but for your legs! It covers stubble, blemishes, scars like a pro! Sheer Pantyhose is a secret weapon that every woman should know about. Your legs look natural and flawless with minimal effort.

You can also choose an opaque Pantyhose for a fuller coverage, especially during winters. It is a great way to keep your legs warm when you wear skirts and dresses. With Pantyhose, there is no need to hide under your pants all winter – skirts are an option too!

In fact, a lot of women prefer wearing thick, opaque Pantyhose in place of thermal underpants in the severe winter months! It is so comfortable, snug and barely visible – it is the perfect choice!

Pantyhose come in various colours and designs– teaming them up with different outfits can actually elevate your whole look. You can choose from a sexy fishnet design, polka dots, to lace and vivid colours. Just use your imagination, take risks and enjoy the results! 

For your next work meeting, pair your blouse, pencil skirt and blazer with sheer Pantyhose and heels for a very put-together professional look.

Besides beauty, wearing a Pantyhose has some health benefits too. Some women suffer from a condition called varicose veins (spidery web of visible veins caused by damaged blood vessels) that stop them from showing off their legs. The coverage given by a Pantyhose ensures that the varicose veins stay out of sight. 

You may run the risk of chafing while wearing skirts, especially during the humid summer months. Pantyhose is the perfect solution for this. It prevents your inner thighs from rubbing against each other, keeping you dry, chafe-free and comfortable! Try Zivame’s Anti-microbial Pantyhose– in addition to being chafe-free, it keeps your hygiene top-notch all season long!

Other than that, Pantyhose can be simply worn by women who don’t like the look of ‘bare’ legs. If bare legs make you feel uncomfortable, just get a Pantyhose. You can show off your legs while being fully covered! A perfect way to ‘have your cake and eat it too!’

Trivia: Did you know that the women members of the British Royal family are required to wear Pantyhose during public outings for a dignified, formal look? We bet that’s a fascinating piece of information you didn’t know about!

Ladies, Pantyhose is a great way to add some oomph to your outfit, stay snug and reap health benefits too! Head to Zivame and bring home your favourite Pantyhose today! 

Team Zivame