UncategorizedLike It Or Not, This Is The Biggest Lingerie Trend Right Now

The ever-changing fashion cycle leaves no stones unturned in its wake, not even lingerie. With the whole fashion industry leaning towards a “no-holds-barred” attitude, it comes as no surprise that lingerie trends have become steamier, spicier and bolder.

So, like it or not, Cage Bras are the biggest lingerie trend right now. Be it elegant longline styles or sultry balconette necklines, the cage bra has taken the lingerie world by a storm!

The latest trends of baring (almost) all, have helped the cage bra reach the peak; ‘cos FYI darlings, these bras are NOT supposed to be hidden! Amaze everyone by simply showing off this smoking hot strappy style under breezy sheer tops, scooped back dresses or loose tank tops. But the best (and boldest!) trend I have come across so far is using your cage bra like a crop top – just add a jacket or shirt on top or simply strut your style.

While cage bras have been under the fashion radar for quite a while, version 2.0 with a hint of lace has become all the rage. Typically associated with popular musical festivals, the lacy cage bra has quickly become an integral part of this generations’ street style.


I’m heading out to get mine, what about you?

Team Zivame