UncategorizedWhat The Wrong Sports Bra Can Do To Your Body

You probably already know not to work out without a sports bra. But what you didn’t know is that the wrong sports bra could also cause more damage than you’d think. Read on to find out more.

Back & Neck Pain

No matter what size you wear, if you’re wearing a sports bra that’s too loose or too tight, it’s very likely that you’ll develop back and neck pain post working out. This is because your bust moves around a lot during exercise and if not compressed in place, it can exert a lot of pressure on your back and neck.

Marks & Chafing

If your sports bra is too tight or has straps that are too thin, they could dig in while you workout and leave sharp chafe marks that’ll hurt for days. The band of a tight sports bra can also leave angry red marks when you sweat during your workout.


A sports bra that’s too loose is a disaster waiting to happen. Firstly, your bust won’t have the right compression and support and this is going to cause a lot of unwanted movement and pain. Apart from this, if your bust isn’t kept in place during movement, the inner tissue stretches out and could cause sagging.


There’s a reason a lot of sports bras come with separated cups – if your bust is pressed together, there could be a lot of sweat collection. This can easily cause an infection if left unattended. So, separated cups? Yes please.

Ligament Damage

The bust is held together by fatty tissue and ligaments. Now, when you’re at the gym, there’s a lot of activity and movement and if the bust isn’t held together properly, this could cause injury to the connective tissue. If you keep wearing the wrong sports bra, it’s probably going to lead to a lot of pain and sagging.

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