Little Love Notes For Every Mom


Maa, mom, aai, ammi, mummy… whichever title you pick, the emotion behind is one of strength, purity, and selflessness. There are a few other shades of motherhood as well, that brim with the same emotion. These shades are within all of us, at any age, irrelevant to the phrase “by birth.”

In this piece, we are writing notes to these vibrant hues of motherhood, with all our love and gratitude. Read on and find yours!

Plant moms 

With the ability to sprinkle life into empty soil and keep it flourishing, you have magic in your fingers. If that’s not a superpower, we don’t know what is. With your unmatched enthusiasm for pretty pots and nurturing touch, you fill a home with colours and comfort. Never stop spreading the seeds of your wisdom, as you match the vibrancy of your plants with Zivame loungewear!


Sibling moms

Older sisters play many roles – friend, confidante, partner-in-crime, and more often than not – mom. Supportive and salient, you’re the anchor that peppers their life with healthy doses of sibling revelry and rivalry. You may skimp out on feeding each other ice cream, but you’re definitely each other’s go-to for all kitchen experiments! God save the world from your wrath, but who else would open our eyes to Zivame bras?


Pet moms

The unconditional love you shower on your fur babies is a patient strength not many of us possess. There’s no denying that the relationship between you and your little munchkin is the most wholesome thing on the planet! From running behind them for the much-dreaded bath time to running from them with a bag full of fries – you do it all like a pro. Phew, makes us all grateful for Zivame activewear, doesn’t it?

Friend moms

Writing our assignments at the last minute, to making sure we reach home safely after a wild night out; From covering for us at home and standing firmly against anybody who may dare break our heart! Did you know you are no less than a miracle? Always steady and ever-evolving, your warm friendship brings out the best in others- much like Zivame shapewear! Always having each others’ backs, this is a “forever” that does come true!


Earth Mom

From beauty to home needs, you always look for vegan and cruelty-free options, and we commend you on your determination. Painting the town green with indoor plants, vegan cupcakes, metal straws and clean Zivame personal care items, you are what the world currently needs. So, raise your reusable cups for a toast- to your passion and the many fruitful endeavors you take on!


We hope this collection of notes could bring that heartwarming smile to your face. If so, why keep it contained? Share these with more such moms and spread the love, along with exciting Zivame goodies!

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