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Barnyard & Pretty Pigs – Nightwear That Reminds You of Farmlands


Zivame’s new Nightwear collections – Barnyard and Pretty Pigs – are nothing less than a picturesque getaway to an old-school countryside farm. What inspired us to create something as cute as these collections, you ask? Our love for animals! So, all those animal-lovers in our Z squad are up for some special grabs this time. Let’s dig into these Nightwear styles right away!


Pretty Pigs and Barnyard both offer you a subtle combination of ‘cute and girly’ as well as ‘fun and vibrant’. The pyjama sets and singles, as well as the long dresses in cotton jersey, have been created in soft tonal colours, and are embellished with minimalist animal prints. They can add oodles of grace to your personality and vouch to be your ideal Nightwear solution all around the year.

Pretty Pigs

A litter of baby pigs can be one of the cutest sights on Earth. Their innocent eyes, floppy ears and adorable snouts can make a hard heart melt! Not to forget, their oh-so-proactive cute little pigtails! Now imagine wearing a piece of clothing that gives you a moment up close with these humble creatures of our planet! In this collection, you can find four lil piglets sprayed across six different prints. 

We’ve got prints in basic motifs and darker hues for those who prefer minimalist styles, and some bright and colourful hues along with quirky piggy prints for those who wanna have fun! The collection features Button-Down PJ sets, Henleys and Crew-Neck T-shirt PJ sets, Raglan T-shirt PJ sets, Straight-Leg Capri sets, A-Line Dresses, T-shirt Dresses, Mid-calf Length Dresses, and Long Gowns. If you prefer not being too matchy with your outfits, you may pick up some cool singles like T-shirts, Straight-leg and Cuffed-Leg PJs and Capris. There’s something for everyone here!



Imagine a lush and hilly landscape filled with farm animals grazing and strolling by the stables as the sun sets in the sky. Barnyard Nightwear is a maximalist representation of this very thought. The entire range is a printed amalgamation of cows and horses, long stretches of farmlands, stables, fences, milk bottles and horseshoes. Let’s just say it might be the most scenic piece of Nightwear that you’ll ever wear! 

These styles come in soft pastels and mid to deep hues, and are created on soft cotton and poly elastane fabrics which feel like butter on your skin. Choose from our range of Button-down Short-sleeve & Long-sleeve PJ sets, Henley Crew-neck & Raglan-sleeve T-shirt PJ sets, Single T-shirts, Straight leg & Cuffed leg PJs, A-line dresses, T-shirt dresses, Henley Tank knee length dresses and pretty Long gowns. You’ll be legit spoilt for choice, ladies!


Explore Zivame’s ultra-comfortable Nightwear range and shop to your heart’s delight!

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