FashionLoungewear for Every Girl-Coded Occasion Ever

There’s nothing that quite matches up to it when girls are having fun. But hear me out, how much more fun would it be if you had separate Loungewear styles for different occasions? Read on as we’ve listed down Loungewear styles for every girl-coded occasion that you can think of, and make sure you’re not underdressed for any event!

Morning Meditations (Floral Vines)

Flowers add an element of freshness to everything, wouldn’t you agree? When you want to start your day with a morning meditation routine, our Floral Vines collection should be your go-to choice. Intricate floral patterns in shades of Blue (Lime Cream) and Pink (Melon) make you channel your inner tranquillity as you meditate, and help you get a fresh start to the day!

Floral Vines Loungewear
Floral Vines Loungewear

Girls’ Night-ins (Summer Pop)

Night-ins with your girl gang are all about Truth or Dare, Netflix binges, charades, and TikTok challenges! When having the time of your life with your girl besties, you’d wanna be as cute and comfy as possible – and our Summer Pop collection makes sure of it. With its bubbly prints and cutesy hues, this collection of pyjama sets and nightdresses personifies a girls’ night-in – while looking and feeling just as fun! 

Summer Pop Loungewear For Every Girl-Coded Occasion Ever
Summer Pop Loungewear

Grocery Store Runs (Desi Drama)

Looking to go on that grocery run but don’t know what to wear? Compromising with your outfit when dashing out of the door for an emergency errand run is a thing of the past. Add a desi flavour to your grocery shopping with our Desi Drama pyjama sets and nightdresses, and flaunt the quirkiest prints and patterns, and sultry shades that bring out the “Desi Girl” in you. 

Desi Drama Loungewear
Desi Drama Loungewear

   Theatre Sneak-ins (Midnight Mystic)  

The night may be dark and full of terrors, (GoT it?) but our Midnight Mystic collection is anything but the same. When you’re all at sea about what to wear when visiting the theatre for a late-night show, or simply meeting a friend after hours, we have you covered! Take your pick from our pyjama sets or nightdresses designed in a gorgeous Black and adorned with intricate detailing, and uncover an element of mystique! 

Midnight Mystic Loungewear For Every Girl-Coded Occasion Ever
Midnight Mystic Loungewear

Brunch Brouhaha (Starry Dreams)

Wanna go grab some brunch but do not want to exclusively dress up for one? Not to worry! Our Starry Dreams range of shorts sets and nightdresses come in shades of Berry, Blue, and Sunburst Peach, and add a dreamy and ethereal feel to your wardrobe. Next time you’re confused about what to wear for that all-girls’ brunch, drape yourself in stars and feel just as magnificent as a starry summer sky! 

Starry Dreams
Starry Dreams Loungewear

Weekend Retreats (Hide N Seek)

The hard-working woman in you deserves a break every now and then, and you should make sure that you look gorgeous while at it! Playful candy hues are universally loved, and never look out of place when you’re sipping a Mojito on the beach. Take your pick from our Hide N Seek range of shorts sets and nightdresses that come in Fuschia (Candy Pink) and Aqua (Ice Green), and make that weekend retreat all the more special!

Hide N Seek Loungewear For Every Girl-Coded Occasion Ever
Hide N Seek Loungewear

And there you have it – Loungewear set aside for every girl-coded occasion you can think of! So girls, no matter what the occasion is, put on one of our outfits and conquer the setting! 

Sagarneel Chakraborty