Uncategorized4 Ways To Stay At Home & Still Look Cute!

We’ve all had those moments where we want to get dressed up but don’t want to leave the house! What if we said you could do both? Make a stay-in plan and go all out with your outfit. That way, you’ve got the comfort of your bed and Insta-worthy pictures! Not sure how to do it? Here are four ways we think you can stay at home with all the fun of going out:

The Movie Marathon

Plan a fun Netflix binge session with your gang and pull out all the stops! Get a list of movies ready, plenty of blankets, pop some corn and call your girls over!

Outfit: Printed leggings + comfy sleep top

The Dinner Date

You don’t have to go out to have a fancy dinner! Cook something (or order in), make sure there’s plenty of dessert, light a few candles and spend a lovely evening with your significant other!

Outfit: Red babydoll (that also kind of looks like a dress)

The Pyjama Party

You can have a party without going to a club! Just make everyone knows the theme so they’re in pyjamas too. To make it more glam, tell everyone to pair their sleepwear with something party-worthy!

Outfit: Printed pyjamas + floral bralette

The Spa Day

You can do this alone or with a couple of friends. Self-care is the best care and all you have to do is get some face masks, girly TV shows and anything else you need!

Outfit: Just a Sleep Robe (you don’t want to have a face mask on and have to take a t-shirt off, right?

Now That You’ve Got Stay-At-Home Plans For The Weekend, Shop Your Outfits!

Team Zivame