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Women have an interesting relationship with their bras. Most of us have been wearing them since puberty, almost like a right of passage to womanhood. Some of us can’t do without them while others prefer cutting loose. Whatever we may feel, wearing one has undeniable advantages. Read on to know more:

Don’t get weighed down by the weight of the world, we have your back!

Did you know that the breasts can weigh between 0.25 kgs (A cup) to almost 3.5 kgs (K cup)!? That seems like a lot of weight to carry day in and day out! This is where a good bra does its magic. Not only does it help us carry the weight evenly and corrects our posture but it also saves us from unnecessary shoulder and back pain. In addition, since it keeps gravity from doing its job, sagging breasts are at a safe distance.

Get the right visibility

Most of us are not comfortable going out in the world in our natural state. Especially if our outfit is light, sheer or tight. A good bra helps us feel less exposed while also giving us much-needed support.

Rough around the edges? No more!

Flattering silhouettes are attractive and pleasing. Bras help us create a shape that is best suited to our body type. A good bra helps us keep everything taut, smooth and round off the natural edges. In case of asymmetrical breasts, bras provide aesthetic symmetry. 

The right bra for the right look

Bras come in a variety of shapes, cuts and styles. There are padded bras, seamless bras, wired bras, strapless bras and sports bras- to name a few. Each type serves a different purpose and is important in its own way. Some look good under a tube top while others aid us during active sports. Some help us go up a size and others help us minimise. Different strokes for different folks! Just remember the keyword- comfort. Pick a style that helps you look and feel your best.


Enough about functionality! True lingerie fans understand that bras simply make us happy! A good bra supports us, looks cute and makes us look our best – everything we truly want from a BFF! It’s the kind of retail therapy that we love to indulge in.

A special bra with a special purpose

Some bras serve a greater purpose than just beauty and basic functionality. They deserve a special mention: 

  • Mastectomy bras are designed for survivors of breast cancer surgery. They come with pockets in the cups to insert breast prosthesis. They are a great companion for building body positivity and confidence, post-surgery. 
  • Maternity bras are designed for new moms, so they can nurse their little ones with dignity and ease anytime, anywhere!

So, you see? No matter what your needs are, there is a bra for everyone. Choose from a huge collection of bras on Zivame today and find the one made for you!

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