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style guide

I have clothes but no outfits! Realistically, we’ve ALL had this moment. Figuring out when to wear what; outfits for every day, work, party, brunches, weekend – girl it is tough! But hey, you’re at the right blog at the right time. Here’s a when’s what of outfits, sorted and curated for you to pull up before every dazzling moment of your life. Grab your snack, it’s showtime!

The Office

Pencil skirts or dress pants in neutrals are your staples for any good office fit.  Pair them with a silk or button-down shirt, comfortable blouses or modest crop tops. Or you could opt for an iconic bodycon dress, in neutral hues. For comfortable lingerie on long days, breathable bras and anti-microbial panties SHOULD be your go-to!

When to wear what

Before Sunset

For a fun day out with your girlfriends, you want to let your hair loose and kick up your heels – quite literally! Pretty Sundresses, bralettes, and comfy sandals are synonymous with sunny day outs. You absolutely can’t go wrong with a knee-length sundress with kitten heels and a pretty bralette peeking from underneath!

For a more laid-back option, bring out your cotton shorts and spaghetti tops. Add a summer-hued bra underneath and it’ll elevate your fit right there and then! 

When to wear what

The perfect date

If you’re going out with your man on a day date, the sundress – bralette combo is your best option, coupled with the heeled sandals. However, if it’s a special occasion or a dinner date, it’s a whole other story! The little black dress is your trustworthy companion. It’s a classic, apt for dinners, and – most importantly – makes him look like the heart eye emoji!

Crank the temperature higher with a backless, fiery red number with a transparent-back bra. Add simple, dainty jewellery and killer heels for the full effect! If it’s a  first date, you can channel a laid-back vibe  in your comfy jeans too! Just pair a pretty bralette with a fancy shirt,  a bold lipstick and it’s just as hot as the LBD!

When to wear what

The Tourist

Vacay mode is on for most of us FINALLY, and yes we need to look snatched! Beach babies, pack as many pretty back bras and bralettes as you like; don’t forget your floral sundresses, straw hats, wraps and (needless to say!) bikinis! We’ll let you figure when to wear what on THAT trip!

For those to whom the mountains call, winter fashion is teeming with stylish possibilities. Imagine this: A nude, cashmere sweater, dark wash denims, and black ankle boots. Stunning AND comfy, amirite?! Add  a tan overcoat if you need to layer up and switch your ankle boots to brown mid-length ones, and again – stunning! Pack just the staples, fuzzy socks and Zivame’s 9-way bra and you’re sorted for the entire trip!

when to wear what

Bareilly ki Barfi

They say we look the best in Indian attire and guess what, it’s true! But with so many pieces and parts, we need a little focused attention to segregate our fits.

Black and white bottoms (salwars, Patiala pants, shararas) go with almost every kurti. Same with neutral dupattas. Collect enough and you can mix, match and design your desi fits like a pro! For special occasions and festivals, however, have a statement suit or two in place. Sarees are classics and mostly reserved for weddings. For the most part, keep it simple with light makeup and single-tone jewellery – either gold or silver. The key is to wear the right blouse and drape it comfortably with a saree shapewear. 

When to wear what

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